Saturday, 1 March 2014

Weekend Writing Warriors #8Sunday

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors. This week another 8 from a new m/m anthology I feature in, Stand to Attention. My story is called Who Dares Wins and will be available as a single title on 21st March.

Jack slipped his hand down the column of my throat and wrapped his spread fingers around the base of my neck. The hold was controlling but also reassuring. I knew he’d never hurt me, not hurt in a bad kind of way, even though he could - before I even knew what was happening, he could kill me.

I let my body sink into the soft cushions and allowed his scent, his ownership and his desire swirl around me. I didn’t need to worry about a thing because I was his sub and he looked after me, cared for my every need.

“That threesome fantasy,” he murmured, “that we spoke about on your birthday, at length.” His eyes glinted with excitement and he poked out his tongue, licked his lips.

I nodded and swallowed around his hold on me.

“I want to make it come true, all of it… every detail.”

Anthology available now from Totally BoundAll Romance eBooksAmazonAmazon UK and all other good retailers.

Individual title - 21st March from Totally Bound


  1. Sensual snippet, Lily. You draw the reader into the scene. Good 8 :-)

  2. A very passionate moment, indeed. The last line really heats things up. Good snippet!

  3. Nice and tense but sweet too. You can really feel how much she trusts him.

  4. Intense and passionate moment. Great 8!

  5. Great sensual description. Licking his lips -- just perfect.

  6. Well that's some promise...very sensual excerpt, enjoyed every word. Can't wait for more!

  7. Sizzling hot and nicely done. I like the combination of threat and safety.