Sunday, 23 March 2014

Sunday Snog

Welcome to Sunday Snog. I've very excited about my new M/M/M novella out this week at Totally Bound. Who Dares Wins is hot, hot, hot and I just love the sexy SAS soldiers who are determined to satisfy their sub (The story is told from the sub's point of view).

“Come over here,” Slider said. “I wanna proper look at you.”
I balled my hands into fists and bit my bottom lip.
“Go,” Jack said, lifting his touch from my cock. “You’ve been summoned.”
He placed his hand on his dick, which he hadn’t tucked away. I noticed he was sporting a semi. I wasn’t surprised. He could get it up again pretty quick when he’d been abstinent for a while.
Hesitantly I stood, then watched Slider for the second time linger his gaze over my body. I was so different to him. He must look at me and think I was puny, a wimp. He’d know as sure as anything that my reflexes were not a patch on his, that I’d never killed a man, or run for my life.
What did he see when he saw me?
“He’s so fucking gorgeous,” Slider said, rubbing his spread hands down his thighs to his knees and back again. “No wonder you’re always so keen to get home, Jack.”
“He knows how to make me feel whole again, when the world has chewed me up and spat me out,” Jack said. “And I know what gets him going, what makes him beg for more. But what I’d like is to see if you can find his hot spots too.”
Slider huffed—it was half amusement, half rising to a challenge. “I reckon I could.”
They were talking about me as though I wasn’t there. Like I really was a sex toy, an object.
How fucking horny was that?
“Closer,” Slider said, curling his finger at me.
Despite myself, I did, though it was strange taking orders from someone other than Jack. Up until now it had only been him that I’d ever submitted to—only him who’d taken me to the very edge of sanity by blinding me with pleasure.
Slider reached out, spanned my wrist with his big hand, and stared as though curious about his sun darkened skin against my pale flesh and how fragile I looked in his grip.
“I don’t wanna fucking break him,” he said.
Jack laughed. “I don’t know what your other lovers have been like, Slider, but as long as you keep those big fists to yourself, he’ll cope.”
“Your other lovers?” I said. “How long have you...?”
He snapped his attention up to me. “Years. Only just come out, though, to a couple of fellow soldiers that is.”
“I always suspected,” Jack added. “So when Slider ‘fessed up then told me he had no one special in his life right now, it seemed the perfect gift, for all of us.”
I turned to Jack, but Slider kept hold of me. “You’re sure about this?” I asked.
“Fuck yeah.” He was wanking now, his jeans lower down his thighs. He’d shoved at them. “Be seduced, baby. Let me fucking watch. It will make up for the shit hole on the other side of the world I spent last week buried in.”
The yearning in his voice, the desperation—it served only to flood my erection with even more lust.
“Get naked, sub,” Slider said. “Everything off.”
For a moment the room seemed utterly silent, utterly still, then the rustle of my clothes and the sound of my breathing filled the void.
I stood, completely bare, before Slider. My cock was jutting forward at his head-level. Unlike Jack, my dick was long and thin, my pubic hair not coal-black but leaning towards blond, pale brown.
I wondered if Slider was going to touch me, but instead he reached over his shoulder, fisted his T-shirt and dragged it over his head. He threw it to the floor, adding it to my pile of clothes.
A tattoo of a bird of prey with a helpless rodent victim in its talons blazed across his chest. The colours were vivid, bright reds and oranges and chocolate browns. I’d bet my last pound that a sword was nestled between the wings, somewhere.
Just beneath the bird, on his skin, was a long, silvery scar, stretching halfway across his abdomen.
“He’s unblemished, perfect,” Slider said, nudging my hip, signalling that he wanted me to turn.
I did as he’d requested, rotating three-sixty until I faced him again. Standing frozen, I stared at the checked pattern on the closed curtain behind his head. His gaze was like a heated caress, his breaths just washing over my cooling skin. My cock was getting ready to explode, the need for stimulation almost painful.
“Jack,” Slider said in a deep, guttural voice. “If you don’t want me to touch your sub, and make him come so fucking hard he can’t remember his own name, you’d better tell me to leave right now.”
I locked my legs, braced my knees. Jesus, the desire in his voice was tangible. And what was so hot was that I’d put it there, little old me.
“Touch away, fuck him... Yeah, I wanna watch,” Jack said, the sound of friction, skin on skin, telling me he was already enjoying the show.
Slider leant forward with his concentration on my cock. He opened his mouth and slid his lips over the head.
“Ah, yes,” I gasped, reaching for his shoulders, needing the support.
Instantly he wrapped his arms around me, thick biceps locking round my lower back, my butt and bracing me close.
He sucked me in, took me on a fast, determined ride to the back of his throat.
My head lolled, my mouth fell slack. Cum was already boiling in my balls. One well- aimed flick of his tongue could be all it took.
Suddenly he pulled back. “Fuck, you taste so sweet,” he said. “Like fucking flowers or something.”
I did? That was a surprise, but I didn’t ponder on it because Slider stood, loomed over me and tipped my chin, the way Jack did to me, with the crook of his index finger.
He put his lips over mine and kissed me thoroughly.

Available from Totally BoundAReAmazon and Amazon UK and all good ebook retailers. (Please note Who Dares Wins also features in the anthology Stand to Attention.)

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