Saturday, 15 March 2014

Saturday Spankings #SatSpanks

Hello Spankers, this week a few lines from Beauty and Pain, which is hot off the shelves at Totally Bound (also available from AmazonAmazon UKARe)

At a guess I’d say he knew what he wanted but with me he’d bided his time, made sure I was interested. A bit like I’d been with him. And he’d already said he didn’t usually touch someone he didn’t know.
So why had I been different?
I repeated what he’d just said. “Yes, there is only one way to find out.” I glanced at the woman beside me then the man beside him. Both were busy looking out of the window, the woman’s tinny music just about audible over the hum of the train.
Safe that I wouldn’t be overheard by those sitting in front and behind us, I said quietly,
“What do you think of whips?”


When a beautiful stranger offers pain of the erotic variety, would you be able to resist?

When Isabella catches the eye of handsome fellow commuter on the daily grind into London, she can’t help but fantasise about all the dirty things they could do together. The fact that they are strangers only adds to her dirty desires and wicked wantonness. How amazing would it be to have such a man bend her to his will and take her to the dizzy heights of ecstasy she longs to go?

Fortunately for her, things soon heat up between them and before she knows it his dominant layers are revealed and he shows her a way to combine the perfect slice of agony with the most dazzling of encounters that has her muffling her screams for more, more, more. My God, it’s just the way she likes it—were they meant to travel this journey together?

Every good thing must end, however, but will there be a second round? Or is Gabriel nothing more but a ship who crosses her path for a one-time experience? Isabella’s not sure. She’s in it for the fun, but is he?

* * * *

Beauty and Pain is the first book in a short story trilogy that I've co-authored with Natalie Dae - we publish under the name Harlem Dae - so look out for the others coming soon. And if spanking is your thing (which I'm guessing it just might be) then don't miss the 5* Sexy as Hell Trilogy.


  1. Nice premise. I commute to London daily. I do wonder how many of the other commuters are having thoughts as filthy as mine...

  2. A wonderful glimpse of these two... riding along on the train... soon to be "strangers no more?" -perhaps... and the conclusion to your snippet... “What do you think of whips?” -leaves me with wanting so much more this day...

  3. I love how it takes such a pedestrian activity and fills it with such eroticism.

  4. Nice and steamy snippet. Love it.