Monday, 31 March 2014

Great review for Who Dares Wins #GBLT #m/m/m #erotica #ebook

Who Dares Wins has only been out a week or so but it's already getting great reviews. Check out this one from GGR

Who Dares Wins tells a story of a committed couple in England. Ken is the stay at home sub and Jack is in the Special Forces, gone for lengths at a time and unable to even talk about what his missions were or where he has been. Ken is the perfect sub for Jack by always doing what Jack wishes. What I found particularly interesting in this book was how open the communication was between the characters. I really like it when the author lets the characters be open enough to talk about what the other wants or fantasises about.

This book centers on one such fantasy that they both want. Inviting a 3rd was a fantasy they both longed for. When Jack returns from a mission with his fellow office Slider, the fantasy becomes a reality. There is a story here and the build up to Jack’s return was very good, I understood and somehow felt the loneliness that was Ken’s life while Jack was away. This sex is well written. It wasn’t all about getting in and pounding, there was a bit of voyeurism, some light spanking and submission. There were not any BDSM scenes so don’t let that deter you from getting this book if that is not your thing.  Part of the Erotica for me was how Slider had to wear a condom but for Jack he didn’t, it reinforced the commitment that Jack and Ken had, and let the me see the Trust, Love and Commitment that they had to each other.

This book is only about a 45 min read for me so with that being said, if you want to take a short escape and read a well written threesome erotica, this is definitely one of those books that you should have in your library.

Available from Totally BoundAReAmazon and Amazon UK and all good ebook retailers. (Please note Who Dares Wins also features in the anthology Stand to Attention.)


 Who Dares Wins is romping up the Amazon Gay Erotica Chart!

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