Sunday, 2 March 2014

Sunday Snog

Welcome to Sunday Snog - this week a smooch from ace new FREEBIE  Sexy Just Walked Into Town. This story is called End Result and I wrote it with fellow Brit Babe Lucy Felthouse, it compliments our new Raw Talent series which features seriously hot athletes from a whole range of sports.

Two hours later, Luke pulled the Range Rover into our garage and flicked the button on the remote to shut the door behind us. I liked it when he did that. It felt like we were shutting out the world, putting all the media and the fans and the pressures of him being a world-class footballer away for the night.
I flicked off Twitter and dropped my mobile into my Prada handbag, then reached out and rested my hand on his thigh, over his sweats.
He turned to me with his black eyebrows low and his mouth set tight. He hadn’t spoken on the way home, which was often the way. I didn’t mind, he’d explained to me how he liked to go over and over the shots in his memory while they were still fresh. Figure out what he and the team could have done better to win the ball and keep the ball, so that next time they’d be even better.
“Do you want to eat?” I asked, a little quiver attacking my pussy as I looked at him all big, dark and brooding with shadows slicing over his handsome face.
He turned off the engine and rested his big, warm hand over mine. “We’ll eat later.”
A bubble of excitement popped in my stomach. He wanted to get straight to the good stuff then. I was a lucky girl.
He leaned close and his shower-fresh scent and recently applied woodsy cologne filled my nostrils.
“I just need you, Emma. I just want to be with you.”
“Well that can be arranged.” I brushed my lips over his as a tingle ran up my spine and over my scalp. Luke might be a pin-up for many women, his on-pitch skills admired by a million men, but here and now he was mine, all mine.

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