Thursday, 27 March 2014

Special Guest - Cara Sutra

Please join me in welcoming the very gorgeous and deliciously sexy Cara Sutra to my blog today. I had the great fortune to meet Cara at Eroticon this year and I've pinned her down to spill all the gossip on what she's up to. Keep reading, she's a busy girl with many strings to her bow, or should that be tails to her cat?

Making Fantasy a Reality

Hi there! I’m Cara Sutra. First of all I would like to thank the lovely Lily Harlem for arranging a guest spot for me here on her wonderful website, I am honoured.

A little bit about me: in a nutshell I grasp the world of sexuality with both hands and it filters through into every facet of my life. My website at has evolved into a sexuality magazine, starting life years ago as a platform mainly for my rambling journal-style thoughts and some sex toy reviews. Now, with the help of a tech-wizard partner, I have a professional site which combines popular posts such as sex toy reviews, sex advice posts, original erotica, my personal sex and life diary, adult industry news and press releases, blog memes, erotic publishing news and much more. 

Recently I have started two spotlight series, one for erotic authors and another for sex bloggers (which includes sex toy reviewers). I am always looking for more people to feature, so get in touch if the cap fits!

I need to write something every day. It’s not even a choice, it really is a need. If I am ever away from the desk for days at a time, I return with a burning desire to express myself on screen whether on my blog or writing content for industry websites or guest posts for my sex blogger and erotic writer friends. 

Developing into a career choice rather than a hobby, my online writing work is now my main source of income. I would like to say it’s a 9-5 job in my home office, but it’s more like however much I can stuff into a day! I do have family responsibilities at home and those always take precedence, so I value my evening and weekend time greatly. 

The last year in particular has seen an amazing growth spurt in the life of and my professional profile. After winning Best Sex Blog in the Xcite Books awards 2012 then getting the gong for Best Erotic Journalist in the ETO Awards 2013, I found myself thrust firmly into the industry spotlight. I don’t take any opportunities for granted and I truly appreciate the position I find myself in, being able to sell advertising space at as well as commissioned copywriting, social media support and adult industry consultancy to the many companies and businesses out there. 

Things have become even more exciting lately with the addition of branded products to my name. After opening La Boudoir Boutique in Canterbury UK last August, I was approached by the company directors about the possibility of developing a range of bondage sex toys under the Cara Sutra brand. After much discussion I decided to proceed, and The Cara Sutra Collection was born. 

The Cara Sutra Collection has great plans for expansion throughout 2014, and I hope, for many years to come. The Collection begins with the Fantasy by Cara Sutra bondage kit, which is available in black or red and has an incredible, budget-friendly 8 pieces to enjoy. Designed with beginners to bondage in mind, the Fantasy by Cara Sutra bondage kit can be enjoyed by anyone who wants to spice up their love life. Making that fantasy a reality, this bondage kit includes great quality items which are reliable and which I enjoy using myself. Can there be much more of an endorsement?!

The kit includes a collar with central D ring, trigger clip leash, breathable ball gag, comfortable blindfold, generous length of bondage rope, wrist cuffs with detachable chain, ankle cuffs with detachable chain and a flogger for sensual play or punishments. 

Fantasy by Cara Sutra is now available to buy in store (at La Boudoir Boutique, Canterbury) or online at Adult Toys UK. It is priced at £69.

More stockists will be added to the info page at The Cara Sutra Collection shortly. 

Huge thanks once again to Lily Harlem for welcoming me aboard her site! You can read all about Lily in her erotic author spotlight post here at Cara Sutra.


  1. Thanks for welcoming me aboard your site! Cara xxx

    1. Oh, thank you for coming along with such delights! I'm just trying to decide what to treat myself too, I'm really pulled to the beautiful scarlet bondage set, it's gorgeous! X

  2. Wow... I hadn't heard about your site before and it sounds like one I should pay attention to. :) Thank you Lily for sharing!

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