Sunday, 3 September 2017

Sexy Snippets GOING UP #sexysnippets #menage #erotic

Welcome to SEXY SNIPPETS. This week you're GOING UP in a hot air balloon for a wild menage a trois!

When Faye reveals her fantasies to posh boyfriend, Henry, she doesn't bank on him making them ALL come true!

*previously published in the WANDERLUST anthology*


Have you two ...?” Felix trailed off before he finished the question. 
From his words, I guessed it was he who was applying the pressure at the center of my pucker. 
“Yes, she loves it,” Henry said forthrightly, and then again kissed the edge of my shoulder. “I love it, with her.” 
“I bet you do.” 
Felix’s finger left that spot, but just for a second, only to return a moment later, cool and slippery. There must have been a stash of lube in the basket. Henry really had thought of everything. 
I kept my gaze fixed on the earth far below us, my ass up and my back arched. Anticipation had my heart beating fast and had given my cleavage an excited sheen. My legs felt a little shaky, like I had too much adrenaline coursing through my system, so I locked my knees and tried to stay focused. 
I stared at a boat on the winding river. Small and white, it left a frothy trail behind it that fanned out into a ‘v’ shape. 
Someone, Henry I thought, spread me so wide that all of my intimacy must have been in full view. I could only imagine the lewd image I presented. My labia puffy and swollen, moisture no doubt glistening in the well of my entrance, and the taut wrinkles of skin around my rosebud asshole now glossy with lube. 



  1. Things are getting very sexy.

  2. Goodness me, takes the mile high club to new levels ;-)