Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Mid Week Tease - ENVY

Welcome to Mid Week Tease - this week a few from ENVY.

Helen just can't stop obsessing about the cute gay couple in the block next to hers, so when she gets herself invited round to play, she takes her favourite toy.

“So what did you get for your birthday?” Dai asked. 
I should have been mellow and relaxed but I wasn’t. I wanted to perch on the end of my seat, twist my fingers and jump straight to the point. I didn’t, of course. 
But maybe I should. 
I scooted forward and reached for my bag, lifted it onto my lap. Took a deep breath and blew it out slowly. 
“Helen,” Dai said. “Are you okay?”
“Yes, fine.”
“Yes.” I swallowed a large mouthful of wine and stared out at my dark bedroom window. This was it. It was now or never. I couldn’t go back to living with that tight, twisting jealousy. It would kill me sooner rather than later. I had to have it. I needed it now. I needed to be one of them. Have them see that I had a cock too and I could fuck with it. 
“So what did you get?” Nick asked, tipping his head. “Everything you wanted?”
I passed him my empty wine glass and he set it aside wearing a puzzled expression on his face.
“Sort of,” I said, undoing the clasp on my bag and flipping it open.
“Sort of?” Dai repeated, lowering his eyebrows.
I swear my jugular must have been visible. I could feel it throbbing in my neck. “Well I’m here,” I said.
Dai laughed. “But that wasn’t really what you wanted.”
Frowning slightly, I dug to the base of my bag. “Actually it was.”
I wrapped my fingers around my cool, hard shaft. Gripped it tight. Its texture was reassuring, like holding the hand of a friend at a scary moment. 
Because this was scary. They would either kick me out, laugh, or be up for some steamy fun. I would sell my soul for it to be the latter. 
“Why would you want to come here so badly?” Nick asked. 
“Because, I’ve got this.” I tugged my cock past my purse, a packet of mints, a small make-up bag and out into the open. I had to lift it high, level with my face, to pull the strappy style panties out and free. 
Nick drew in a breath and widened his eyes. 
Dai uncrossed his legs and leaned forward. “Bloody hell. Is that what I think it is?” 


*previously published in the 7 Deadly Sins Anthology*