Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Mid Week Tease - GOING UP

Welcome to Mid Week Tease - here's a few from GOING UP.

“Oh my darling. It’s going to get so much more exciting in a few minutes.”
“Really?” I asked. “Why, what else do you have in store for me?” I gestured around. “What could be better than this?”
He winked, an infuriating habit of his when he wasn’t going to tell me something, and sipped on his drink. “Mmm, good stuff,” he said, studying the golden liquid. “Really good stuff.” 
“Say goodbye to terra firma,” Felix called excitedly. 
I spun and looked over the side. We were already about twenty feet into the air. The dotty meadow flowers were blurring into a mass of color and the flattened patch of grass from beneath the basket was getting smaller by the second. 
“Where are we going?” I asked.
“Up,” Henry said. “We’re going up of course.”
I laughed and turned within his arms.
“Do you like the bubbly?” he asked.

“It’s lovely.” I drained my glass.
He set it, along with his, in the hamper basket.
“This baby flies beautifully,” Felix said, checking a dial that looked like a compass. “I’ve been flying her for over a year now and she just gets better.”
Again I looked up. The air was hazy, the heat distorting the black lines that outlined the diamond shaped pattern.
Henry pushed my hair over my ears and cupped my cheeks, tipped my face to his. “I’m glad you’re wearing that disgracefully short skirt,” he whispered against my lips. 

“Because I’m going to need easy access.”