Saturday, 16 September 2017

Saturday Spankings - ENVY

Welcome to Saturday Spankings - this week a few from ENVY, a hot MMF menage a trois featuring a woman who is determined to get what she can't have.

Helen just can't stop obsessing about the cute gay couple in the block next to hers, so when she gets herself invited round to play, she takes her favourite toy.

*previously published in the 7 Deadly Sins anthology*

Nick is behind Dai, one knee on the sofa, the other foot planted on the floor. He is massaging Dai’s butt cheeks, smoothing his hands over the firm, slightly paler flesh enough to stretch his cleft. I can’t see Dai’s anus, but I know Nick will be able to. Nick’s being treated to an amazing view of the dark hole he is about to plunder. The tight ring of tissue that will soon squeeze and hug his entire shaft. 
But Nick loves Dai, the same way Dai does him, and he never shoves in without prep. He knows that would burn in a bad way. 
Jerking at my shaft, my butt trembles as Nick applies lube to his fingertips. He bends down, bites and then kisses Dai’s buttock at the same time as he penetrates him. 
Dai lifts his head, his eyes squeezed shut, his lips a thin line. I’m no stranger to anal sex and know just what he’ll be feeling right now. He’s enjoying that lovely moment of invasion, a bit of discomfort, a lot of pleasure. Allowing and trusting his lover to enter his body in his most secret, sacred place. 
Nick hangs his head low, an expression of absolute concentration on his face as he shifts his finger in and out, or maybe it’s two fingers now. My view is not that good. As he nibbles on his bottom lip he pushes further in until his hand buffers against his lover, knuckle deep. 
Again my ass clenches, but not because I want to have Nick do that to me, but because I want to be the one prepping an asshole, getting it ready for my cock. 

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  1. The lady has an interesting perspective, but I can totally understand it. Tantalizing excerpt, Lily.

    1. Thanks, Karthryn, ENVY was a fun story to write :)

      Lily x