Sunday, 10 September 2017

Sexy Snippets - ENVY

Welcome to Sexy Snippets. This week a few lines for all of you who ever wondered what it would be like to have a touch of penis envy!

Helen just can't stop obsessing about the cute gay couple in the block next to hers, so when she gets herself invited round to play, she takes her favourite toy.

*previously published in the Seven Deadly Sins anthology*


I knew I should resist. Really I did. But I couldn’t. The urge was just too compelling. Crazy, really, because it wasn’t as though seeing it made me feel good. No, it gave me this gut-wrenching, skin-crawling sensation that made my head thump and my heart pound. It caused me to feel sick and twisted physically and mentally. 
What have I become? 
But it also wet the gusset of my knickers and spiked my nipples until they pushed against the silk cups of my bra. Watching made my clit tingle, as if it ached to get bigger, and my lips often felt bruised afterwards; perhaps I bit them without realizing. 
I released my cock from its satin-lined box and walked towards my bedroom window. As usual I didn’t draw the blinds, just allowed the London darkness to swallow my still figure and keep me hidden. Now all I had to do was wait. 
Waiting spun what-ifs around my head, web-like, obsessive. To calm myself I stroked the length of silicone, feeling its dense weight in my palm — it could soothe my nerves as much as it could bring me to a wonderful, ecstatic frenzy. 
You see, I wanted what he had.
I had no idea where this dark longing had come from. One day it had just hit me, a physical punch to the gut. It stole my breath, knotted my insides and consumed my thoughts. Now my days revolved around my need for it. 
His name was Dai — Welsh for David, so he told me — and he worked at Rengrade IT Solutions based on the Arlington Road. I knew this from our chats at the bus stop every morning. It was Dai who’d started the conversations. Comments about the weather at first — moaning about the rain or praising the sunshine — then he went on to chat about what he was doing at the weekend or admire something I was wearing; once he told me he liked my new jacket and it went well with my emerald eyes. Whenever he spoke I would nod and watch his mouth; his bottom lip was fuller than the top and his right canine a fraction raised. 

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  1. Interesting snippet, for sure. I wonder what will happen next?

    With my moderator hat on, Lily, just a gentle reminder that the snippet is supposed to be around seven sentences only :-)