Saturday, 9 September 2017

Saturday Spankings - GOING UP

Welcome to SATURDAY SPANKINGS, this week a wild menage a trois in a hot air balloon!

When Faye reveals her fantasies to posh boyfriend, Henry, she doesn't bank on him making them ALL come true!

*previously published in the WANDERLUST anthology*

I drained my champagne, enjoying the decadence of guzzling something so expensive. 
Henry laughed and pointed at a maze set back from the main house. “How would you like to get lost in there with me sometime?” 
“Anytime.” I passed him my empty glass and then curled my fingers over the stiff edge of the basket. “As long as we can do it naked.”
I let the blanket slide from my shoulders and crumple to the floor. The freedom of being in the sky, everything quiet and wistful while being completely absent of clothes was wonderfully liberating and completely self-indulgent. 
He set our empty glasses aside and kissed the curve of my shoulder. “I’m liking the way you think,” he said against my skin, his breath warm and tickly. “Naked anything with you is good.” 
“Including hot air ballooning?” I asked, leaning over a little more, so that my breasts squashed against the basket and my hair caught on the breeze. 
“Yes, including hot air ballooning.” 
Felix came to stand on the other side of me so I was sandwiched between them as I stared downward at the lush greenery below. 
“You have such a beautiful ass,” Felix said, smoothing his hand down my back and over my rump. “Perfect handful.” 
“I agree,” Henry said, also drifting his palm down my spine and then trailing his fingers over the other cheek and down to my thigh. 
“You left quite a mark,” Felix said, rubbing against the small patch of stinging heat left behind from Henry’s thwack at the height of my pleasure. 
“Her skin blushes beautifully,” Henry told him, “Whether it’s a hand or a crop.” 
I sighed, remembering that night of fun. 
“I should think a paddle too,” Felix said, palming a cheek and squeezing a little. 
“Yes, I’m sure,” Henry agreed. “Haven’t tried that yet though. Must get round to it.” 



  1. I like the thought of being sky clad in a hot air balloon. Wouldn't do it myself, but I like the thought of it. Great snippet, Lily.

  2. Love the idea of naked hot-air ballooning. Especially with two hunks.

  3. Very sexy snippet. I love the idea.