Sunday, 22 February 2015

Sunday Snog

Welcome to Sunday Snog - this week a hot treat from Burning Rubber!

Gid glared at the condom as if it were an alien object. “No.”
“Yes,” I said. “Seriously. Put that on your dick or you’re not getting any.”
“You fucking telling me what to do again, blondie?” He lowered himself onto me, his cock nudging at my thigh.
“Yeah,” I said, shoving at his shoulders to no avail. “I’m not one of your minions—pussy at your beck and call. No condom, no fuck.”
He hovered his lips over mine and kind of growled.
I swallowed and tried to press my thighs together. But it was pointless, he was between them, the tip of his erection now touching my pussy. “Please,” I gasped.
He reared back onto his knees and reached for the condom. “Damn things never fit.”
“Show off,” I said, relief flooding through me.
One side of his mouth tilted in that sexy half-grin of his as he tore the wrapper. He held his cock and smoothed the clear latex over it—he was right, it was a tight fit.
“Happy now?” he asked. He moved over me again, his arms locked straight and his cock arrowed at my cunt.
I widened my legs to accommodate his big bulk. “I will be once you stop talking and start walking the walk.”
“Oh, I can do more than walk the walk,” he said. “You’d better hang on.”
I slid my hands over his shoulders and curled my legs around his thighs. My pussy was wet and open for him and he nudged in, found purchase then thrust. He tunnelled to full depth, barging past all resistance and seating himself to the hilt.
I cried out, pain and pleasure skirting together. It had been so long, and fuck, he was big. My pussy spasmed around him, gripping and gripping some more, and my body tensed and trembled.
“Ah, yeah, fucking hell, you’re like a damn virgin,” he moaned, staring at me.
“It’s been a while,” I managed.
“I’m worth the wait.” He dropped down and kissed me, his mouth hungry and wild and his abrasive stubble heating my skin.

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Back Cover Information…

When trouble rides into town, what girl can resist the ultimate bad boy?

Handling men isn’t an issue for me. I’m not a girly girl and my best friends are the machines I spend my days fixing, tweaking and servicing. So when the Wild Angels roll onto my forecourt and need my help, I’m happy to be of assistance.

But I’ve always been a magnet for trouble and when the leader of the pack, Gid, questions my ability, I can’t help the sassy backchat. Seems it doesn’t bother him too much and before I know it, I’m climbing onto his beast and hanging on for the ride.

Bad ass guys like him don’t come without baggage, though, and it seems he wants to get rid of mine. Who am I to complain when it means revenge is hot, his body is hotter and we leave a trail of burning rubber as we head into the sunset? Biker girl, me? I guess it’s in the blood.

Reader Advisory: This book contains a scene involving mild breath play.

Publisher's Note: This story has been previously released as part of the Wild Angels anthology by Totally Bound Publishing.


  1. Love this book! Mmmm reading that excerpt makes me want to reread it! ♡♡

  2. Oh Gid, he makes my knees tremble! Fantastic book.

  3. Aw, thanks ladies, I adore Gid too :)

  4. That's me flustered for the rest of the day!

  5. What was I doing again???
    Nope, no idea - away to read this post again :D