Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Caught on Camera - Entire Serial Now Available

Caught on Camera is out now in its entirety and the first part, to get you in the mood for some hot man on man action, is absolutely FREE! All parts are fine as standalone reads but put them all together and they make up one seriously steamy novel!

When I first started writing Caught on Camera I’d just downloaded a new album and became hooked on it. It’s by a band called Imagine Dragons and titled Night Visions. I particularly loved one track called Demons and I played it over and over, it became a real ear-worm for me. Check it out for yourself…


The lyrics and the emotions of Demons resonated within me as I wrote. Caught on Camera is a fun story, it’s about two English guys heading to Las Vegas to make a porn movie called Slippery Slots. It’s hot and steamy and there’s lashings of seriously sexy scenes ranging from a ménage a trois with Dom cowboys to bondage and thrashings in a BDSM club.

But beneath the fun and the wildness the characters, Reece and Cade also have serious sides. The story is told from Reece’s point of view and the reader gets to learn about his demons, the ghosts of his past that lurk in his memory and make him hesitant to fall in love again and above all, trust again. I felt it was essential to give him this angle to his character because as the Demons video shows, everyone has something that they keep a little bit buried and hidden from view. Something that we only show to those we are closest to and understand our vulnerabilities. In Reece’s case he’d been hurt, cheated on, and because he’s not a man who’s fond of one-night stands he’d been alone for a while before he met Cade.

Taking down our walls and allowing someone in is hard to do. It comes with risks but the risks are worth the rewards in a relationship that’s meant to be. It brings people closer, makes a union stronger and can cement a couple for a lifetime. One of the things I enjoyed about writing Caught on Camera was the new memories my two characters were making together. They were having lots of sexy experiences and building on the layers of their attraction in physical and emotional ways. I hope you’ll check out this brand new serial, I adored writing it, from the heart tugging connections between the two men to the heart stopping sex, it was all a rollercoaster of page burning intensity.


  1. Fantastic series. Red hot!! *fans self*

  2. Read these as they came out ....thinking about reading them one after another now but wonder if I would self combust from all Reece and Cades shenanigans!! Great series !

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