Friday, 20 February 2015

Caught on Camera Part 5 Out Today!

Part Five of my popular serial Caught on Camera is out today. This is the conclusion to Reece and Cade's adventures. If you've missed the other parts of this serial full details here. Don't forget, Part One is FREE from the publisher, Amazon,  All Romance eBooks and many more retailers!

Coming down from a high can sometimes result in a crash—but not if handled with care.

Reece’s experience filming the last scene of Slippery Slots has left him drained, satisfied and in need of some serious aftercare. He’s been branded, taken to new heights of pleasure and also been more vulnerable than ever before.

But all this makes for a great movie. The heat factor is at boiling point, the up-close-and-personal angles of the camera are deliciously shocking and the chemistry between Reece and his co-star, Cade, is explosive.

Of course, even porn stars have to live in the real world and for Reece, that means returning to his small flat in his English hometown. It’s hard to land in his old life and his need for Cade—not just in his arms but in his life—is more than he can stand.

So when Cade appears on his doorstep with a hot-off-the-press DVD that they’re the two main stars of, things are bound to get frisky, flirty and downright filthy.

Reece has never been happier or more terrified. He’s made his money, made a movie and made love to the man he can’t bear to be apart from.

But does Cade feel the same way, or was it all an act for the camera? There’s only one way to find out, and that’s to remove the layers, the masks and ask the all-important questions.

Caught on Camera has been on tour. If you'd like to find out all the gossip then links can be found on this post.

Some great new reviews coming in for Caught on Camera…

"Another sexy short read from this brilliant author. If you like red hot M/M action then you seriously need to read this. It's the first in a series and I for one cannot wait for the next steamy part."

"It's hot with a capital "H". Cannot wait to read on! So much sexy packed into this novella-sized morsel."

"This is one steamy novel, now I am waiting impatiently for the next book. Reece and Cade are hot and sexy. The pool scene and the hot tub were wonderful. Ms. Harlem has once again captured you with her story, her descriptions are outstanding."

"WOW is the only place to start with this review. What a steamy read it is! If you love erotic M/M stories this is the one you want to read."

"This is just a plain, HOT! read I would consider an afternoon delight."

"I flew through this as I couldn't stop reading! I had to know what they were going next. Loved both the men and the situation felt genuine and was incredibly sexy. Can't wait for more!"

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