Saturday, 21 February 2015

Saturday Spankings

Welcome to Saturday Spankings. Yesterday saw the release of the final part of my Caught on Camera serial so I'm going to share a snippet from Cade and Reece's time in the BDSM dungeon - Odin's Raven - I hope you enjoy. Oh, and don't forget, Part One is FREE - full details HERE.

Silence descended. It was as if everyone had collectively held their breath.
Then the real hit came. A streak of electric-hot pain seared over his right buttock.
Reece yelled around the gag, his tongue bashing into the ball. Shit, that had really fucking hurt.
Before he’d finished thrashing against his binds another hit came. It speared across the first slash, creating an agonizing cross right over his arse.
His cock heaved. His belly clenched. A wild ringing in his ears blocked out all thought and he felt like he was lifting off the floor, getting higher and higher. Looking down on himself, suspended, hovering on climax, surrendered to not just Cade, but everyone. Everyone here, everyone he’d ever known, everyone he’d ever meet in the future.
Suddenly the vibrating stopped.
Cade removed the plug with a slippery tug.
Almost immediately Reece felt the hot tip of Cade’s cock pushing into him.
He could have wept with relief. It was Cade he needed right now. Nothing else would do.

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