Monday, 15 July 2013

Sexy as Hell by Harlem Dae - Release Date!

The moment we've all be waiting for is just around the corner. After months of hard work, the Sexy as Hell Trilogy, written by myself and Natalie Dae and published under the name Harlem Dae has a release date - 25th of July. What's more the first book in this series (best read in order) The Virgin, is going to be FREE for the first five days.

Here is a little information about these steamy BDSM novels, if you want to know more about the individual stories then head on over to the Harlem Dae website.

Sexy as Hell: an erotic trilogy that will submerge you into the black heart of a world of bondage and discipline, Dominance and submission, sadism and masochism.

Dare to take this twisting journey with Victor and you’ll learn the ropes with him, experience every carnal sensation and fall into a dark and dangerous love that grips like a fist and binds like a collar.

Get to know Zara, his sultry teacher, and you’ll gasp when she doles out her sinful instructions but then delight in the stunning results she not only demands but achieves. It seems Heaven and Hell are not so far apart when she holds the reins.

Victor has his layers peeled back, but when he does the same to try to get to his Vixen’s core, a revelation appears. Because Zara is a woman whose vast sexual experience is both her strength and her weakness; she can inflict pain and pleasure, make lusty demands and instruct, but she needs so much more, she needs…

Yes, the time has come to for her to admit to her needs and confess to the repairing her soul hungers for. A sea of memories, a lifetime of control requires an acknowledgement that will cut through her barriers, and there’s only one man up for the job—her virgin, her student, her newly trained monster, Victor Partridge.

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