Sunday, 28 July 2013

Weekend Writing Warriors #WeWrWa #Sundaysnippet

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors, I do hope everyone is over 18 today as I'm giving away an 18+ BDSM novel called The Virgin for FREE. Here are 8 lines from the first chapter, written from Zara's point of view, Victor has just lost a bet...

“Well, it’s the dress itself. I mean, who wears this kind of get-up?” 
Again, I wondered what he was seeing when he looked at me. Some slut?
“I do. And…” Releasing my hair, I swivelled to face him, ensuring there was adequate space between us. “I do believe you’ve lost already.”
He narrowed his eyes. “Pardon?”
“You said you know everything, yes?”
“Yet you don’t know who wears this kind of get-up.”
He closed his eyes for a moment. His long lashes almost rested on his cheeks. “Damn.”

Grab your copy from Amazon US or Amazon UK. The other books in the series, The Player and The Vixen are also available for your enjoyment. More details on the Harlem Dae website.


  1. interesting :) already lost :D thanks for sharing

  2. Ha! Somehow I doubt losing is all that heinous. Thanks for the free book.

  3. She got him on a technicality! Although I get the feeling he's not going to mind much. :)
    History Sleuth's Milk Carton Murders

  4. I like his reaction, he's gotta admit it but that short description makes it clear he doesn't like it =)

  5. Losing may be a good thing in the end...intriguing excerpt!

  6. I really like this interaction. It's engaging and reveals some interesting aspects of the characters. Nice job!

  7. Hope she makes him pay for that comment about her outfit. He's already lost, after all...

  8. Hehe. Now you've got me curious about this dress! ;)