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Sunday Snog - That Filthy Book

Welcome to another Sunday Snog, hosted by Victoria Blisse - thanks to her as always - this week I'm offering an excerpt from That Filthy Book which I co-wrote with Natalie Dae.

This story is about a couple rediscovering their sex life and their passion. A long forgotten erotic book is the catalyst for their many fantasies and this excerpt is the prelude to them trying anal sex...

Monday dawned grey and drizzly. The usual scramble for school had me tense and rushing. Jacob stayed in bed, at my instruction, and I plonked a cup of sweet tea next to him as I raced into the room to grab a fleece and a book.
“I’ll be back by ten-thirty. I need to call in at the chemist and the library. The books are due back today and the girls have so many out I daren’t risk a fine.”
Library fines bothered me, but I couldn’t put my finger on exactly why. “Sure.” He grinned sleepily up at me. “You do that and I’ll get ready.”
I paused and twitched my brows. “Ready? I thought you were always ready?”
He smirked. “I am, but today requires extra preparation.”
I brushed my lips over his. “Mmm, I like the sound of that.”
The chemist had a long queue and I tapped my foot impatiently, willing the pharmacist to hurry. The library was quiet, but the absence of sound seemed to make the erotic images in my mind more vibrant. My anticipation more encompassing.
I was caught at every red light on the way home, and by the time I pulled into our drive my clit was buzzing, my heart racing and my arse cheeks had clenched so hard I was lifting from the driver’s seat.
Bolting through the front door and throwing my keys and handbag down, I was suddenly hit by the sugary scent of vanilla. I paused.
“Up here, love.”
I climbed the stairs, shrugging out of my fleece. His deep, steady voice was an aphrodisiac all of its own. “In here.”
The scent was stronger on the landing and the air held a hint of steam. I pushed into the bathroom, following his voice.
He’d drawn the blinds, and a long row of candles stood regimented on the windowsill, their flames shivering. The golden shimmer and heavy fragrances were startling after the dull Monday morning chores. It was like being transported to another world.
Jacob sat on the side of the bath wearing just black boxers, his skin shiny and his jawline unshaven.
“Hi,” he said in a lazy, sexy drawl.
“What’s all this?”
“I want you good and relaxed and I know how a hot bath with candles and a shoulder rub makes you all pliant.”
“Pliant?” I grinned at the opportune use of one of my favourite words.
“Yes, pliant. Soft and mellow. Ready for me.”
I stepped out of my shoes and tugged down my jeans and knickers. A hot bath with a shoulder rub sounded perfect. Because even I had to admit, my muscles and tendons were tight to the point of discomfort. Not good for what we had in mind this morning.
“Mmm,” he said, eyeing my neatly trimmed strip of pubic hair. “You look good on a Monday .”
I whipped off my sweater. “Don’t I every day?”
“Yeah, love, I just don’t often get to see you stripping naked on a Monday morning. It’s a treat.”
I flicked the clasp on my bra and cupped my breasts. Tweaked my nipples to hard little points as I jutted my hips jauntily.
He stood. “Get in the bath,” he ordered, his voice rasping. “While I still have the self- control to give that shoulder rub.”
Not wanting to miss out on the treat, I hopped in, faster than I should have. The temperature was lobsterpot hot, and I gasped as I sank low.
He shifted to the back of the bath, dipped his hands in the water, and set up a firm squeeze on the tendons between my shoulders and the nape of my neck.
“Mmm, that’s nice,” I said, the heat penetrating my skin as I breathed in the vanilla scent. It reminded me of my favourite cakes.
He dropped a kiss on the top of my head. “I want to make you feel more than nice, love. I want to make you feel like you’re flying high.”
I shifted on the base of the bath, and the piping hot water flowed into my pussy. Sighing, I shut my eyes. “Great plan,” I whispered, thoroughly looking forward to the promise of flying high.
He continued to rub and squeeze, easing knots from my shoulders and scooping water and frothy bubbles onto my skin. The steam was heavy with our desire and the quiet splosh of the water echoed erotically around the tiled walls. I began to feel dreamy, his big, firm, familiar fingers transporting me to a wonderful place where only we existed.
Eventually he lifted his calming hands and I opened my eyes to the dim light.
“You ready?” he asked quietly.
The lust already pooling in my belly tugged at my pussy and clit, and my nipples peaked. I was more than ready. I’d been ready for weeks.
“Yes,” I said, reaching for his offered hand.
He urged me up, helped me out, then wrapped a fluffy white towel around my shoulders. My skin was hot and tingly, the towel super-soft, as if my senses were heightened. I leaned into him as he smoothed his hands over my back, drying and warming me further.
“That was perfect,” I said.
Crooking his finger beneath my chin, he tilted my head. I stared into his face, his handsome, adorable face that I knew better than my own, and felt my heart would burst with love. What we were about to do I could only do, would only do, with him.
There was only Jacob.
Our lips connected and, in a sudden flourish, he scooped me up, holding me tight against his bare chest.
I linked my fingers behind his head as he kicked the door open and marched into our bedroom.
He searched my mouth with his tongue even as he lowered me onto the bed. I explored his mouth, too, absorbing his flavour, his texture, knowing I would never get enough.
As he dipped his head to my breasts, I noticed the candles set around our room. There was a hint of vanilla in the air here too, and briefly I wondered if he’d been out and bought candles especially. James Blunt played softly on the stereo Jacob had brought up from downstairs, his voice dreamy and calming.
“Mmm, you taste divine,” Jacob whispered, nipping at my puckered areola.
I writhed for more. I wanted him to touch me all over. I was like a hot mass of wanton need infused with excitement. “Jacob,” I moaned. My patience had run dry. I needed him inside me, inside my forbidden entrance.
He must have sensed my urgency. “Turn over,” he said and nudged me with flattened palms.
I willingly rolled onto my belly.
Scooping his forearm beneath my hips, he raised me and eased a pillow, and another, beneath my body.
“Just relax and let me do the work,” he murmured, his breath warm in the hollow of my back.
“Yes, oh, yes, Jacob, please, now.”
“Patience.” He planted a hot, wet kiss on my left buttock and wound his fingers up my thighs, easing them apart so he could sit between them. “Patience, my love. Let me adore you in a way I never have before.”
I screwed my eyes shut and pressed my cheek onto the soft cotton duvet cover. This position was sexy as hell if he were about to fuck my pussy, but knowing his attention was going to be elsewhere gave it a whole new dimension. I squirmed and deepened the arch in my spine, offering my cleft up to his mouth as he kissed the globes of my arse.
My breathing quickened as he travelled the warm flat of his tongue down the crease between my arse cheeks. He kept going until he was actually licking over my puckered hole.
“Oh, God,” I groaned into the mattress. Of all the things I’d imagined, having him put his mouth there was not one of them. My face burned. Even though I’d bathed... This was all so new, so... My whole life that hole had been mine, private, just known to me. And there was my husband, licking it. Could I cope with that?
The muscles in my legs tightened on his shoulders—my little warning that I was embarrassed—but he took no notice. Instead, he firmed his grip on my buttocks and stretched them apart, exposing my most secret place some more.
Letting out a groan of part mortification, part desperation, I twisted my neck to face the other way. The sight of the butt plug, my vibrator, and a tube of lube on the bedside table greeted me.
“Jacob,” I gasped, needing to say his name as a whirlwind of thrilling images besieged me. Images of what was going to happen next. “Jacob.” 

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  1. What a cliff-hanger! Really enjoyed that - great writing style :-)

  2. Thanks for stopping by Linda :-)