Monday, 12 November 2012

5* review for The Glass Knot

The Glass Knot is a recent release and I've yet to have much feedback, so I was thrilled when someone who took me up on my offer of review copies wrote this on Goodreads and gave it 5*'s!!!!!

I'm not even done & i'm in love with this book. I can tell it's going to be a favorite re-read. Lily has a way of writing that is so engaging, raw & real. When she (the author) said she was looking for reviewers I ddidn't even read the premise it's by her so I needed to get it & that's all I need to know!! Just amazing, the characters were all well written, you could feel like they were people you knew or even seeing this happening in real life. They were characters with depth & flaws & issues, even if they were described as being physically perfect. 

Josh was just yummy, Nick was dominating, dark & mysterious. Laura was a fun & fun loving woman, who clearly knew her mind, had a strong will & I just loved that she was willing to take life by the horns. it's funny once I figured out what the premise was I kept flashing back to Samantha from Sex in the city when her best gay friends asked her to be their experiment & the hilarity that ensued from that. I couldn't wait to see how this turned out. It was better than I thought. Hilarious, wrought with emotions, & extremely well written I fell even more in love with the characters. laura's a very brave soul there are many who wouldn't have embraced the changes life brought her or event he opportunity. 

The love scenes??? Woohooo, I couldn't put it down, this is going on my favorites list & will be a definite re-read!! Five stars

Happy Reading


  1. I know I'm not an official reviewer but I wanted to say, this is honestly one of the best books I've ever read and I have read well over a hundred erotic/erotica books. It was so well written. I truly cared for these characters and, for once, I could actually see this happening in the real world. It was sweet and touching while still having seriously hot love scenes. It was the first book I've read by you. It has me hooked now. Keep up the captivating stories.

    1. Charity, thank you so much for your kind words. You have made my day!

      And, please don't feel you have to be an official reviewer to spread the word.


      Lily x