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Little Byte Blog Hop

Welcome to the Little Byte Blog Hop where love and romance is being given a little technical help. A big thanks to the wonderful Cindy Jacks for organising this event.

I'm going to share a little of my Bollywood story titled The Unwholesome Adventures of Harita. Naturally my excerpt has to have a little technical addition to give it some byte, and in this case, its the laptop Kamini uses to write her weekly column about Harita. These sexy stories are the means in which she plants steamy fantasies into her dominant new husband's mind - if only he knew they originated from his wife's imagination!

Blurb for The Unwholesome Adventures of Harita.

No one knows it is I, Kamini Singh who writes The Unwholesome Adventures of Harita.

The weekly column in Ichchha Magazine has been my secret for many years and penning Harita’s wild sexual experiences has been a wonderful release for my frustrated emotions as I’ve waited for my parents to find me a suitable husband.

Now they have – the delectable Damon, and I can barely contain my excitement as our wedding, and wedding night, approaches. Handing myself over to him body and soul is going to be such a treat.

So imagine my delighted surprise when my new husband asks for even more than I ever dared hope? And imagine my shock when I realised that Damon had secrets of his own which could please me, satisfy me, and take me on ecstatic journeys which got more and more daring with each adventure Harita enjoyed.

Reader Advisory: This book contains ménage and dominance/submission.

Married life ticked along sweetly over the next few months. The only thing that marred my happiness was my guilt over continuing to keep Harita a secret from my husband. Of course, the situation did have one advantage, because when I recognised things Damon said when he was dominating me—masterful words Madan used to drive Harita wild—I found it ridiculously horny. It gave me added pleasure on top of the already dizzy heights of ecstasy to which he took me.
To hear his deep, lusty voice utter words I’d written, or to have him orchestrate scenarios I’d dreamt up, was more erotic than I ever could have believed possible. And the fact he knew nothing about it was the icing on the cake. He obviously assumed I thought his imaginative games were all generated from his fantasies, when the truth was, they were mine. It was a game of double crossing of the sexiest kind. And that both excited and troubled me.
Damon continually stated that our joining was solely about his pleasure. But they were hollow words. He always ensured I had maximum pleasure in our bedroom. Sometimes I thought I would pass out with ecstasy when he made me come over and over, barely allowing me to catch my breath between orgasms.
In the evenings, members of both our families visited for elaborate meals that we enjoyed preparing together. Damon’s twin, San, was a regular visitor as were my sisters, all of whom were unmarried. On two occasions, Damon had inserted the love balls into my pussy then spent the meals giving me knowing looks as my cheeks flushed and I shifted on the seat. It had been hot, steamy fun afterwards because, of course, I had to be punished for wriggling and fidgeting.
Once, when the men had retired outside for a smoke, my sisters tried to ask me about sex. But I made a zipping movement across my mouth and told them they would have to wait and find out for themselves. What would be the point of me telling them anything? The likelihood of them finding a husband with Damon’s particular kink was highly unlikely. Add in Harita’s power over him, and I knew it was impossible. We were unique.
San was similar looking to Damon, because, of course, they were twins, though his face was a little longer and his nose had been broken when he’d fallen off a low bridge into a dry river as a kid. He talked a lot about the family business on his visits, but he was also interested in me and my work. He would sit for hours wanting to know about the ins and outs of the latest books I was editing.
Despite being busy, and preoccupied every night, I managed to keep secretly writing The Unwholesome Adventures of Harita. Damon was often gone for long stretches with his work, and I found myself spending more and more time dreaming up her crazy antics as I was going about my chores. I began to think I was sex obsessed, getting horny thinking about a particularly juicy instruction Madan issued or a wild night of fantasy Harita enjoyed—which would likely be realised in my world once the magazine hit the shelves and Damon got his hands on it.
One afternoon as the temperature outside soared, I sat with my fingertips hovering over the keyboard, and a truly sinful thing happened to episode 184.

“You will do as instructed, Harita,” Madan ordered, his brows pulling low and his eyes flashing.
“But...” I was nervous and excited all at the same time. The hotel room to which Madan had brought me was sumptuous and decadent, but what he was asking was depraved and dirty.
“There is no ‘but’ about it. Talin is my friend, it is his birthday, and I order you to take off your clothes and show him your pussy.” Madan’s voice lowered. “That is my present to him.”
With a nervous glance at Talin, I began to peel off my canary yellow sari. He licked his lips, which I’d noticed earlier were soft and sensuous and nearly always up-tilted in an easy-going smile.
As my garments fell to the floor, leaving me standing in scarlet lace underwear, Madan moved nearer.
“Remove your panties and lie on the bed, Janu.”
I did as he asked, my heart fluttering and my breaths coming short and sharp as I lay down flat. Obeying Madan was my only choice, and, if he wanted me to bare my pussy to another man, that’s what I had to do. He was my dom, my master. I was required to serve his bidding.
“Open your legs,” Madan instructed, as he adjusted himself within his own underwear.
He was getting hard, I could tell.
The blankets were satiny and smooth, but I barely noticed them as I parted my thighs and
exposed the soft, damp folds of my pussy to the two men standing before me.
“She is very beautiful,” Talin said, his eyes drinking me up.
“She is not only beautiful, she also understands that she is mine to do with as I wish,” Madan said. “So if you want to touch her, dear friend, go ahead and sample the delight of her chut.”

By the time I’d finished writing the entire scene and all three characters were hot, sweaty and sated, I was hovering on the point of a climax myself.
In a reckless and daring move, I hit ‘send’.
What had I done?
Oh, blow to the consequences. If Damon read it and decided to share me with another man, then that was up to him. He could get the idea from any number of places. It didn’t have to be from The Unwholesome Adventures of Harita. I was hardly the creator of threesomes.
Who was I kidding!
Damon was well and truly hooked on the series. Only last week, he’d harnessed me to the bed and teased me with his mouth for a whole hour until I’d begged for release the way I would beg for my life. It was exactly what Madan had done to Harita the week before.
I dragged in a deep breath and took a long drink of my iced water. No, there was no going back from what I’d just done. Soon, Damon would have my wildest fantasy written before him in explicitly graphic detail. The only question was—would he act upon it?
* * * *
I didn’t have to wait long. Three days after episode 184 hit the shelves, Damon came in from work and announced he’d invited San for dinner. That in itself wasn’t unusual. San spent a lot of time with us. But the way Damon skimmed his tongue over his lips and shifted from foot to foot warned me that San could expect considerably more than dinner this evening.
The meal of rice and masala was a success. San, as always, praised my cooking and stated he longed for the luck of Damon in finding the perfect wife.
I smiled my thanks and stood to clear the table.
“Leave that, Siyàra, I will do it,” Damon said, quickly standing.
“Are you sure?”
“Yes.” He touched a finger to my cheek and smoothed it down to my chin. “Why don’t you go into the bedroom. I wish to speak to San alone.”
Obediently I left the room and shut the bedroom door to give the men their privacy. One half of my brain said they were discussing the family business, the other half shouted they were planning what to do with my body, which was at Damon’s command now I was within these four walls.
Heat pooled in my pelvis, and my breaths were shallow as I tidied away jewellery I’d left scattered on the dresser. As I drew the curtains against the fading light, my nipples grew tight and hard, scraping against my bra. Memories of Harita’s time with Madan and Talin filled my mind. It had been a very graphic episode.
I fidgeted and fussed in the room for a whole half an hour before the door opened. Damon stepped in, his face creased as if he held in a worry.
“Sir,” I said, quickly jumping up from the bed on which I’d been perched.
“My beautiful Kamini.” He stepped up to me and cupped my cheeks in his palms. “You know I love you with all my heart, and I enjoy our games very much.”
I nodded and stared up into his eyes. I swear I could see the perfectness of his soul whenever I gazed into them.
“Tonight I need you to trust me and obey me more than you ever have before.”
I nodded again.
“It will be wonderful, incredible, a dream come true for me, but you must remember the safe word, Murshidabad. If you want it to stop, you must say that word, okay?”
“Yes, Sir.”
“Do you trust me?”
“With my life.”
He grinned. “With your pleasure?”
Brushing my lips over his, I murmured, “Absolutely.”
He kissed me back, a hard, passion infused mating of mouths, and when he pulled away, I could see he’d slipped into role—he had set his jaw and tightened his moist lips into a straight line.
“Take off your clothes,” he ordered in his gruff dom voice. “And lie on the bed.”

Quickly I did as he asked, dropping my sari to the floor, unhooking my bra and shucking off my panties.
He leaned over me as I stretched out with my head nestled in the soft pillows. “Exquisite, as always.” He bent to my breast and suckled my nipple into his mouth.
I arched, reaching for more, and slotted my hands into his thick hair. He sucked harder, licked and tugged the tight bud until I whimpered and squirmed.
He released me suddenly and strode to the door. “San,” he called down the corridor. “I would like to share something with you.”
The knot of lust in my stomach tightened and my heart tripped over itself. This was it. I’d set this up when I wrote Harita’s adventure with Madan and Talin. Now, the very same thing was going to happen to me with my husband and his brother. It was crazy, this control I had as a submissive, and it made it all the sweeter, all the more delightful. I also knew that my feeling so excited at the prospect of being loved by two men meant I was indeed a very, very bad girl!
San stepped into the room, his broad shoulders tense and his face serious.
“Brother,” Damon said, gesturing to me. “Kamini is happy to oblige my every desire, and tonight I desire her to show you her body and all of its delights.”
San glanced at me, but not at my naked form, at my face. It was as though he were asking for my permission. I had no doubt he and Damon had discussed what was about to happen—they were as close as two brothers could be—but still, he needed affirmation from me that this was okay.
I smiled and provocatively stroked a long lock of my hair and rested it on my nipple.
San stuck out his tongue and swept it over his lower lip, leaving a soft sheen of moisture.
“She is very beautiful, don’t you think?” Damon said, stepping right up to the bed and plucking the curl from my nipple.
“Indeed,” San said, his attention now on my breasts, which were rising and falling rapidly with each excited breath I took. “Incredibly beautiful.”
“You may touch her,” Damon said.
San again looked at me.
“It is not up to her,” Damon said, his voice stern. “She is mine to do with as I wish. I explained that to you already, and Kamini...” He paused and twirled a finger around my nipple, pinched it and pulled it to full tautness once more.
I gasped.
“Kamini knows this is the case. It is what we agreed from the beginning.”
San stepped up to the bed, and I stared at his dark, lustful expression as he watched his brother toy with my nipple. His fascination was obvious and confirmed to me that this was the first time he’d seen a naked woman in the flesh.
“Take her other one,” Damon said. “She likes it tugged and rolled like this.” He pinched my nipple between his thumb and index finger and pill-rolled my sensitive stalk just the way he knew I liked. Until it hovered on the point of pain.
Sighing, I fluttered my eyes shut and writhed for more.
Suddenly there was another set of fingers on me, tweaking my opposite nipple.
“She is so soft,” San whispered as if in awe.
He was creating the same, luscious sensations Damon was generating, and I sighed deeply to show him he was doing it right.
“Yes,” Damon agreed. “She is soft inside and out.”
I opened my eyes and saw pride in Damon’s face as his gaze trailed down my naked body. My heart almost burst with the pleasure I could give the man I loved.
“Sir,” I whispered, my pussy twitching with the need for him to touch me there. I wanted us to share our love in the most physically explosive way we knew how.
“She is always hot for it.” Damon chuckled and sat on the bed. He settled his big hands over my thighs. “Open up, I want to show San your chut.”
Amidst the torrent of emotions I was experiencing at having my legs parted to allow another man to study my intimate feminine folds, I recalled writing that line. “Open up, I want to show...” except Talin had been replaced with San, “your pussy.”
Cool air wafted over my heated, exposed flesh as Damon kept on spreading my legs wider and wider. My hip joints stretched, and he bent up my knees, revealing all of my flesh to his and San’s eyes.
“Sit down,” Damon said to his brother and nodded at the bed just below my feet.
Inside I squirmed. Damon had seen my deep, rose-coloured flesh many times. He’d made it glisten with arousal and admired its contrast against my jet-black pubic hair. But to have San studying me so closely was like a new caress, a forbidden fruit out of which I had no choice but to take a bite. Squeezing my eyes shut, I pushed my head back on the pillow and surrendered to their inquisitive eyes drinking up my wanton, needy pussy.
“She is so very neat,” San said. “You are indeed a lucky man.”
I was aware of one of them trailing a finger up my inner thigh. Damon?
“Yes, she is perfect, and incredibly responsive.” As he spoke, the finger slid upwards and expertly penetrated my pussy.
Groaning, I tilted my pelvis, searching for pressure on my G-spot.
“She certainly is,” San said, wonder in his voice.
“Feel her inside,” Damon said, withdrawing what I now knew was his finger.
“Are you sure?”
“Of course, she is mine to give you.”

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But all was not as it seemed, and when Josh needed a woman to sort out a ‘delicate predicament’ I was the one for the job – heck, what did I have to lose? Certainly not as much as him, literally.

Trouble is, emotions always get tangled, loyalties can’t help but be divided and with a night of memories so hot they'd have the devil sweating, there was only one thing for it—it was time to get honest, fight for what I wanted despite society’s constraints and open my heart to the people it needed most.

Reader advisory - The Glass Knot is an erotic romance featuring M/M and M/F love and every combination of two guys and a girl you can think of!


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