Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sunday Snog - Cougar

Welcome to this weeks' Sunday Snog. I am thrilled to have a short story in Mischief's newest anthology Cougar.

Cougar is a collection of ten sexy stories about older women and the younger lovers they seduce. Original erotica from Primula Bond, Liz Coldwell and many more.

Sara’s guest house becomes a honey trap for young studs.

When Jared mistakenly gives Miss Fenchurch a video of one of his performances, her fuse is lit for an explosive private performance.

Mrs Murdoch revisits the past and gets her kicks in the world of rock and roll.

Cougars are definitely on the prowl in this collection and here is a steamy scene from my contribution Pawn Shop starring Jared and Miss Fenchurch.

I gasped when there was a sudden tightening on my right upper arm.
‘You watched it didn’t you?’ Jared spun me to face him. ‘You didn’t sell it, you kept it for yourself. That’s how you know my name.’
‘Don’t be so ridiculous.’ He didn’t look angry, instead he looked pleased, triumphant almost.
‘So tell me, what did you think of my performance?’
I stepped backwards, he followed, holding both my upper arms now. My shoulders hit the wall and he pressed his body against mine and looked down at me. His face was so close I could make out a small scar just below his left eye and see every dark eyelash individually.
‘I don’t know what you mean,’ I said, acutely aware of his hard pecs shoved up against the soft mounds of my breasts.Pushing, pressing into me.
‘Quit the games,’ he said with a slow smile. ‘You watched me in action, you loved it, it turned you on.’ His voice was low and rumbling, and it did funny things to the very pit of my stomach.
‘No I didn’t.’ My denial was feeble, even to my ears.
Suddenly his mouth was on mine, hard, urgent and dominant.
I gasped a protest and smacked my fists against his solid body. But he ignored me and plundered his tongue into my mouth, feeding me his syrupy, yet raw flavour.
My protest turned into a groan of delight and I scrabbled for his shoulders, barely knowing whether to shove him away or drag him closer for more.
God, the man could kiss. Not only that he was kissing me like he really was enjoying it, not acting, but actually wanted me.
He ran his hands up my arms, over my shoulders and cradled my face. ‘You’re fucking gorgeous,’ he whispered onto my lips.

I hope you enjoyed that little snippet. If you want to find out more about Cougar and Mischief books then click on the banner below.

Have a wonderful Sunday

Lily x

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