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Wicked Teacher by Elizabeth Lapthorne

Hot of the press today WICKED TEACHER!!!!!!

Don't miss this new release by Ms Lapthorne if you like great characters, a good dose of spice and a book that will suck you in until the last page!


Aiden succumbs to Eva, finally unleashing his dark, wild side as they passionately fulfil one of the oldest fantasies in the book – that of Wicked teacher and seductive student.
Aiden has always wanted to do naughty things with Eva. Sent to him, practically wrapped in a bow, he can finally unleash his wicked side and teach her a lesson. Pushing both their boundaries to the limit, Aiden has to remind himself this is a one-time-only affair.
Eva has wanted Aiden seemingly forever. She can see the smouldering heat in his gaze and imagine how he will feel claiming her, possessing her, branding her as his. She knows it will only take a small push in the right direction, and then he can make her hottest fantasies come true. She’s always desired the Wicked Teacher, and now she plans to make him hers in every way.
Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of dubious consent (no rape) and the appearance of underage sex. This is story is a fantasy scene enacted between two consenting adults – but is purposely written to appear initially as if it is a scenario between a teacher and his student.


Aiden Traverns held his red marking pen aloft as he heard the student enter his office. He sat behind a battered wooden desk on a chair that squeaked when he moved in a certain direction. When the door closed behind her, Aiden lifted his gaze from the papers and looked at Eva.
As the school regulations stipulated, she wore a black pleated skirt, knee-high black woollen socks and a white shirt with the school tie knotted loosely around her slender neck. This ensemble should have made her appear perfectly ordinary—but this was never the case with Eva.
His cock hardened in his slacks when he noted she was wearing that skirt. To be honest he had no idea how many graced her closet, but Aiden knew there was one in particular that rested at least two inches above her knees. The school rules clearly stated all skirts must be a minimum of three inches below their knees or a teacher could hand out a detention.
Personally, Aiden didn’t know of one male teacher who had ever followed through on this particular edict. The vast majority of girls—or more likely their parents—strictly adhered to the rules on proper dress etiquette. Aiden hazarded a guess that Eva had held on to this item in particular to gain the attention of the other schoolboys.
As Eva walked across his office and came to stand in front of his desk, Aiden eyed her breasts. They were luscious—round, ripe and firm beneath the buttons of her chaste white shirt; pert globes that strained against the material until it was pulled tight.
Despite the fact her breasts remained fully covered, their clear outline only enticed the masculine imagination to visualise the bounty that lay beneath the crisp cotton. The pattern of a pretty, feminine, lacy bra showed through the thin material, obviously restraining her lush mounds.
From outside, a sudden sound caused Eva to turn sharply. The action made her short skirt flare out. Aiden’s mouth watered. He caught a fleeting, teasing glimpse of pale, supple thigh.
He itched to touch that soft skin, to run his hands up and down the smooth length of her slender, filly-like legs. He desperately wanted to discover for himself just how silky her flesh was. Aiden visualised himself following a hot trail along the length of her smooth thigh with his mouth, tongue and teeth. He would taste all the way up to the core of her heat and relish the delightful slickness of her pussy.
Flesh as soft and tender as he imagined Eva’s thighs and pussy to be simply begged to be licked and sucked. He could vividly imagine himself marking her in the most sensual manner.
Aiden hardened further and in that instant he made up his mind. This would be the afternoon. These weren’t his regular office hours, Eva had willingly closed the door to give them privacy and he did have just cause to discipline her. He craved to introduce her to the stimulating torment only a real man—and not an overeager boy—could give. It was time he stopped denying himself out of some misplaced sense of obligation.
"Sit down, Eva," he said, pleased to find his voice strong and commanding.

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