Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sunday Snog - That Filthy Book again!

Welcome to Sunday Snog, this week I have another sexy kiss for you from That Filthy Book. This scene is all about Karen taking control and discovering some of Jacob's darkest desires - enjoy!

“You really are behaving very well,” I said, lying down over him, again being careful with my heels. “You can stop looking at my cunt now, I think you deserve another reward.” I kissed him—hot, hard and open-mouthed. The way he kissed me when he was getting impatient for action. When I knew it wouldn’t be long until he was thrusting inside me.
He tasted of me, of my cum and my cunt, his tongue slippery as it tangled with mine.
Breaking the kiss, I headed lower, sweeping my lips around his tight, dark nipples, then biting them lightly.
He groaned and a tremble travelled through his body.
Kneeling between his legs, I used the strands of the flogger as I continued on my downward journey, tickling over his abs and hips and finally his cock.
“Your dick is very hard, Jacob,” I said, swiping the top of his thighs with the flogger. Not enough to inflict pain, but enough to make him wonder what I would do next. “Would you like me to suck your dick?”
“You may speak.”
“Yes, oh, God, yes, Karen, suck my dick, please.”
I chuckled at his desperate voice and discarded the flogger. I would need both my 
hands for this next bit. Taking his shaft in my fist, I circled the head of his cock, spreading the pre-cum over it and around the ridge of his glans.
He twisted his neck and gritted his teeth. I would have to play it careful. It wouldn’t take much to make him come, and we were nowhere near ready for that point yet.
Dipping my head, I swiped my tongue over his glans then took him halfway into my mouth.
He groaned, long and loud, tensed his thighs around me.
I sank lower, slowly, carefully taking him deep, right to the back of my throat. Once he was nestled there I set up a small gulping action with the base of my tongue.
He released a colourful string of expletives and another drip of pre-cum dampened my palate.
I would have liked to suck on his cock for longer, but he was too close. So I lifted up from his shaft and took it in my palm. “You are going to have to trust me for this next bit, Jacob.”
“Oh, God, don’t stop,” he moaned, his eyes tight shut.
“It’s going to get a whole lot better in a minute, but you have to trust me the way I have trusted you plenty of times.”
“Do you trust me, Jacob? Speak.”
“Yes, yes of course.”
“You remember our safe word?”
“Yes.” He opened his eyes. They were heavy and dark as if drugged.
Standing again, I reached for the bag. From it I withdrew a small, purple butt plug and 
a tube of lube.

I hope you are having a great weekend and if you want to grab a copy of That Filthy Book you can buy it here.

Lily x

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  1. Hot, hot, hot stuff. I need to make time in my schedule to read that Filthy book!