Sunday, 19 June 2011


Last week I came across a great short story by a new author to me, J C Holly. Its called One Wild Weekend and it had me hooked from the first page. When I'd finished I wasted no time in sending a quick email to JC to tell her how much I loved it and she has kindly dropped by today to give me some inside information on herself and her book. Take it away...


My name is JC Holly, and I'm a new author of erotic romance. I currently have one ebook out with Total E-Bound, titled 'One Wild Weekend', and more coming soon. Lily was kind enough to offer to let me post on her website, so I decided I'd write a little about why I enjoy writing erotic romance. It's not just the sex. Honest.

Prior to writing the piece I mentioned above, I'd never strayed further than sweet romance, and in fact spent most of my time writing fantasy. One night, while working on a particularly flirtacious scene, I got a little... bored, with the way things were going and decided to spice it up a little. Or a lot.

The resulting debauchery was entirely out of place for that particular story, but it got the cogs in my head whirring. Three days later, One Wild Weekend was born. I'd like to say it was written over one wild weekend, but I think it was mid-week.

Writing it was quite the experience, in more ways than one. Not stopping at the bedroom door (or park bench, in one scene) allows you to take a much larger snapshot of your characters and what makes them tick. You get to strip off all their layers (both literally and figuratively), allowing you to see some of their biggest secrets, and seeing them in the most intimate of times leaves you feeling like you really know them. At least, that's what I aim for! :o)

Fantasies become reality for one couple as they share a wild and sexy weekend

Bobby and Chris' relationship is starting to stagnate. They're constantly bickering, and haven't had sex in weeks. On hearing this, Bobby's assistant suggests they take a long weekend to explore each other's sexuality—though she uses rather different wording - and work on each other's fantasies. 

As luck would have it, Chris' friend is out of town on a business trip, and agrees to let them use his cottage up in the hills. Gorgeous surroundings, a horny boyfriend, and an agreement between them to make the others' sexual dreams come true. What more could a girl want?

Thanks again to Lily for the opportunity, and thanks for reading!



  1. Thanks for letting me post, Lily! :o)


  2. I finished this one some time ago. I loved the story, and the chemistry between the couple.

    Keep up the great work!

  3. Thanks for stopping by JC. I really did adore this book, I agree with Vivian, the characters had great chemistry. It was a lot of fun to read.

    Lily x