Thursday, 16 June 2011

Another great review for SHARED TOO

Today I'm over the moon with another 5* review just in for Shared Too from Night Owl Reviews.

Shared Too was complex book to write. I'd left Liam, Ariane and Quinn in their happy ever after at the end of Shared, but when the characters kept talking to me, swirling around my head, I was compelled to write more about their lives. I had so many questions about a polygamous relationship to answer, the 'what if's?'  not to mention the fact that these are such spicy, sexy characters I couldn't resist.

Here is what Marika from Night Owl Reviews says - 

Ten years have passed since Ariane answered the ad for a girl. She has been blessed with two men ever since. Ariane, Quinn and Liam are now married, have twin girls and have settled into a life on a farm and into a routine. Then one day, Quinn announces that he would like to be shared, too. This revelation rocks both Liam and Ariane to the core. Ariane doesn’t know what to say except that she is hurt and confused by Quinn’s request.
I will confess that I didn’t read Shared and still haven’t but I really don’t feel like I need to read it to understand the dynamics and personalities of Ariane, Quinn and Liam, but I will read it. Shared Too is a book that made me think, squirm, pant, and cry. Ms. Harlem takes us on a journey with a happily married threesome that has one of them wanting something a little bit more. As you know, most books with ménages end with the threesome happy and content. Ms. Harlem takes it one step further and asks the question, what happens when one person in the threesome, even though totally committed to the other two, wants something more, at least once? She takes you on an erotic maze of emotions, confessions, and sensual desires that melt your e-reader and your heart.
I highly recommend Shared Too if you are looking for what happens after the threesome commit to each other and how their lives are affected when one of them wants to be shared, too. Great job and I look forward to more of Ms. Harlem’s work.

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