Monday, 13 June 2011


Earlier in the year Love Honey used my short story A Classic Wedding Night to promote their latest erotic fiction competition - I won this award in 2009 with my story Madam President :-)

A Classic Wedding Night is about Mr and Mrs Darcy's first night together as man and wife, it picks up where the story left off and like all my books gets raunchy! Love Honey made it not only into a FREE pdf for readers to pick up but also a FREE podcast.

I  was trawling around yesterday, checking up on things and noticed that this podcast has been downloaded over 1,100 times in the last few months - WOW! I hope people are enjoying it. The story takes about half an hour to listen to and if you fancy it, click below for the link to all the details.

Oh, and I am hanging out at Kat Holmes site today if you have time to drop by and say hi!


Lily x


  1. Interesting.
    Podcast is a new concept for me.
    Obviously, I need to learn more about this.
    Congratulations on the success.

  2. HI DA

    Great that you dropped by. Be sure to let me know how you get on with your exploration of podcasts :-)

    Lily x

  3. I downloaded that ages ago, and haven't had time to listen. I might do so tonight.

  4. Hi Stevie.

    Let me know what you think :-)

    Lily x