Saturday, 30 April 2016

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Welcome to My Sexy Saturday, this week we're chatting about that one person who you just can't live without. But what happens when it turns out there are two people you just can't live without? That's what happens to my heroine in Desk Job, luckily for Stella,  but it seems these two sexy guys don't mind sharing.

Meow. Lullabelle jumped down from her favorite spot on the windowsill. 
“Lullabelle, we have visitors,” I said. “Say hello.”
She stopped and stared at Andre.
“Hey, she’s lovely,” Tristan said.
Lullabelle turned her attention to him and gave him a haughty glare. She then turned, tail up, and stalked toward my bedroom. It was clear she had no intention of being polite.
“Sorry,” I said. “She’s not used to strangers.” 
“We’re not strangers.” Andre kissed the side of my head. “We’re your men.” 
“And she’ll get used to us.” Tristan smiled and glanced around. “Nice place.” 
“I like it.” 
“It’s pretty, like you,” Andre said, encouraging me to sit on the sofa. 
The cool material felt strange against my bare ass. I didn’t usually sit on it naked. 
“It’s a good job no one can see into your window from up here,” Tristan said, nodding at the skyline. 
“It is quite private.” I followed his line of sight. 
“Yeah,” Andre said. “Because I think they’d get a shock if they saw this.” 
I turned my attention to him. 
He was rolling a condom on, his abs were tight and his skin taut over hard muscle. 
Tristan stepped up to me, his hard cock level with my face. “Do you know what I’ve been thinking of, a lot?” 
I shook my head. 
“Your pretty red lips around my dick.” He cupped his hand beneath my chin. 
“What? Like this?” I took hold of his hot shaft then formed a large ‘O’ with my mouth. I leaned forward and took him in deep. 
“Ah, fuck, yeah like that.”

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  1. Nice snippet. Just love how her men are just so matter-of-fact. Thanks for sharing and being part of My Sexy Saturday.