Sunday, 21 June 2015

Sunday Snog

Welcome to Sunday Snog - this week a sexy smooch from Going Up which is my new short menage a trois story out this week. It features in the Wanderlust Anthology but is also available as a standalone ebook.

“Where are we going?” I asked.
“Up,” Henry said. “We’re going up of course.”
I laughed and turned within his arms.
“Do you like the bubbly?” he asked.
“It’s lovely.” I drained my glass.
He set it, along with his, in the hamper basket.
“This baby flies beautifully,” Felix said, checking a dial that looked like a compass. “I’ve been flying her for over a year now and she just gets better.”
Again I looked up. The air was hazy, the heat distorting the black lines that outlined the diamond shaped pattern.
Henry pushed my hair over my ears and cupped my cheeks, tipped
my face to his. “I’m glad you’re wearing that disgracefully short skirt,” he whispered against my lips.
“Because I’m going to need easy access.”
I wriggled against him. His cock was noticeably harder than it had
been before. “We can’t ... what about Felix?”
“Like I said, Felix and I go back a long way.”
The wind caught the balloon and we shifted to the left. I hung onto
Henry even more tightly.
“Air current’s perfect,” Felix said, shielding his eyes and looking into the distance. “This should take us on a nice long ride, it couldn’t be better conditions.”
“Go with it, Faye,” Henry said quietly. “Just go with it and I promise it will be everything you hoped for.”
He kissed me, and even though I was full of questions I melted into him. He backed me against the wall of the basket, which hit below my shoulders, and began a slow, sensual dance with his tongue.
He tasted of champagne, of mint and of Henry—a unique blend of flavours that always got me burning up for him, no matter where we were.
The alcohol hit my brain, not much, just a little, adding to the wonderful floaty feeling I already had. I felt light, high, my body was buzzing not least because Henry was running his hands over my body. His hands encircled my waist before gliding down to my hips. My skirt only travelled a few inches down my thighs and soon he was stroking my bare flesh.
I shivered a little, in anticipation, not cold, and ran my fingers into his hair. The thick curls knotted around my knuckles and he groaned as I pulled them, the way he had last night when he’d been going down on me and I’d yanked on his hair when the sensations overwhelmed me.
My pussy clenched. The mere memory of that blisteringly intense orgasm was turning me on and, combined with the way he was kissing and stroking me, pure lust was now coursing through my veins.
His touch snuck beneath my skirt and his fingers skimmed over my pussy lips, teasing the ridges of flesh through my sheer underwear.
“Henry,” I gasped into his mouth. The need for more was instant but uncertainty held me back.
“Shh,” he murmured. “Remember you said you wanted to have sex in front of an audience?”
“I did?” Probably. I’d said lots of things that night.
He chuckled. “Yes, fantasy number twenty-two if I remember correctly, though you were getting pretty desperate by that point.”
He nudged my thighs apart with his knee. “Let me touch you, here, now,” he whispered, again rubbing my pussy lips through the material of my panties. “Let me make you come as we’re going up ... and with Felix watching.”
A quiver of arousal shot through me, engorging my clit and making me grind against his fingers.
Damn he’s so persuasive.
I looked over his shoulder.
Felix was staring at us. A half-smirk tugged at the corner of his lips and his pupils were wide; clearly he had a touch of voyeur in him.
“Don’t mind me,” he said. “Henry’s been quite specific about how this morning is going to fulfil your fantasies, and I think you’re going to enjoy it just fine.” He paused. “Hell, I know I am.”
He leaned back against the basket and crossed one leg over the other. At the apex of his pale cream chinos, a heavy bulge seemed to stretch the fabric.
“Darling, relax,” Henry said against my ear. “Relax as I touch you. Felix is hardly a simpering virgin. He’ll adore seeing you come, you’re glorious when you just let go.”
Oh, what the hell.
I’d never been described as shy and I was in a basket with two seriously gorgeous guys. What harm could a quick little orgasm do when I was feeling this turned on? And Henry was right, it did turn me on, the thought of us being watched. Of me being watched. “Okay,” I said quickly, before I changed my mind.

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