Tuesday, 30 June 2015

ETO 2015

What I was anticipating to be a quiet Sunday this weekend turned to be the exact opposite. My fellow Brit Babe - and partner in wine-crime - Lexie Bay found herself with a spare ticket to ETO (Erotic Trade Only) in Birmingham. ETO is an exhibition of what's hot, new and downright kinky as well as a wonderful award ceremony to celebrate all the fabulous products and individuals in the erotic world.

How could I let a ticket go to waste when not one but TWO Brit Babes had been nominated for best erotic author of the year? Brit Babes scooped the award last year when Kd Grace won and this year she was nominated again along with Kay Jaybee.

It included a little bit of throwing dresses, heels, make-up etc into an overnight bag and a few hours driving but oh, wow, was it worth it.

One of my first views when I arrived...

I'd decided not to tell the other Babes that I'd made a last minute decision to attend so when I tapped Tabitha Rayne on the shoulder - as she was about to examine a vibrating wand - you can imagine the squeals of delight from both of us! I then sought out Kd Grace, who had her gorgeous hubby with her - more squeals - and finally Kay Jaybee with Dr J (though she wasn't feeling well which was a bummer!).

After a refreshing ice-cream with flavoured lube (I'm still on the fence on that one!) we had a wander around the exhibition. Here's what was on offer.

Super-hero toy boy complete with cock ring anyone?

Lingerie to lust after...

Hot guy on the Rocks Off stand!

Interesting shower gadget - we've asked these guys to guest on the Brit Babes blog so hopefully more info 'coming'.

Gorgeous Cara Sutra's stand.

The M/M stand

I really should have put something next to this to give an impression of size. Eye-watering is the best description at this point.

New furniture...

So the day was pretty awesome but come the night and with champagne flowing and best frocks donned we had some serious fun. We were very excited to see who the winners were and our first celebration came when Renee Denyer from Sh! (who've hosted many an erotic reading night) won Best Store Manager and Best Innovative Retailer! 

The moment we were hanging on the edge of our seats for finally arrived and with baited breath we waited, only to be rewarded with a Brit Babe win. Yes! Kay Jaybee, best erotic author!

But... she was feeling poorly and tucked up in bed (with a very handsome and caring companion I might add!) so who else could collect the prize but us Brit Babes? Yes, we danced onto that stage, arms in the air, hips aswinging, and told the world how fabulous she was and how proud we were.

Fabulous and sparkly award and bottle of champagne were duly sent upstairs and Kay enjoyed them tucked up in bed - what a way to celebrate! 

After that the dancing started and with Melissa MacFarlane of Voluptasse, Renne and Cara Sutra, boy did we kick up our heels until the early morning. The live band were awesome, playing all our favourite songs - Tabitha and I getting more excited with each one that hit the first note!

Of course all good things must come to an end and the night rolled me into bed and the land of dreams.

I hope I can attend ETO again next year, and that the Brit Babes hit the top spot again. Thanks to everyone I met, danced with, chinked glasses with, for making it such a fun time. And of course, again, a huge congratulations to Kay for her win, so proud of you and so honoured to have been part of it.

Lily x


  1. Great post, Lily! And what a wonderful surprise it was to have you there! xxx

    1. I loved the last minuteness of my decision to attend, I'm usually such a planner but it was enormous fun to just GO!

  2. It was wonderful to see you!! So glad you could be there! Chuffed you had your stage moment!! xxx

    1. Hahahaha - it was by proxy, wish we could remember the theme tune! Congrats again, so well deserved :)