Sunday, 7 June 2015

Sunday Snog

Welcome to Sunday Snog! This week a smooch from my sexy new cougar story TOY BOY - out now!

“I see them.”
Sullivan moved down to the swim platform. “Come here.” He held out his hand.
I took it and stood next to him. My heart was thumping with excitement. Seeing wild dolphins was on my bucket list. “Do you think they’ll come over?”
“They might. They’re inquisitive.”
I nibbled my bottom lip, and hope burst within me as the first one we’d seen slid through the water toward us. It came right up close and circled at the end of the boat. Its tail broke the surface of the water in a delicate wave. 
“He looks like he’s smiling,” I whispered. I could make out its face, its glossy skin, its curious eyes.
“Beautiful,” Sullivan said, releasing my hand and winding his arm around my waist. He tugged me close and my body came into alignment with his.
I pressed my hand to my mouth, almost too scared to breathe in case I scared the creature away.
“He’s looking at us,” Sullivan said quietly.
Sure enough, the dolphin had his head just out of the water, tipped slightly, and was studying us the way we were him.
“I wonder what he’s thinking,” I said.
“That I’m one hell of a lucky guy to have such a gorgeous woman in my arms.”
I dragged my attention from the dolphin and twisted within Sullivan’s embrace.
His gaze was on me, not the dolphin. His eyes were full of adoration, desire, need…love.
I pulled in a deep breath. Everything seemed to have stilled, the rocking of the boat, the birds, the slight breeze.
His mouth was parted a fraction, and I thought of his soft lips on my cheek the night before. His pecs had been so hard beneath my hands, and the feel of his breaths at my ear had sent a tingle whispering over my scalp.
“Kay,” he murmured, slipping his other arm around me and pulling me close. “Please…” There was a desperate, anxious note in his voice.
I reached up and pressed my palms against the sides of his face, gently flattening the fuzz of pale stubble. I pushed my body into his. I needed this. I needed him. It was what we both wanted, so why resist?
I pushed all the nagging doubts, the shock, the hurt at his omission, from my mind, went onto my toes, my breasts dragging against his chest, and drew his face closer to mine.
Shutting my eyes, I kissed him softly, a closed-mouth peck that lingered.
He groaned.
The sound filled my ears and sent blood rushing to the juncture of my thighs. I kissed him harder.
Suddenly, he took control. He opened his mouth, slanted his head and delved his tongue between my lips. His arms tightened around me, and he dragged me closer, squeezing me up against his body.
I felt so small wrapped up in him. His strength surrounded me, and his sun-hot skin heated me. I felt heady with it, turned on. I was a woman who needed a man.
This man.
His tongue tangled with mine, warm and wet, and I tasted coffee and maybe a hint of mint. It was a luscious, dark, masculine flavor that was rich and sexy. I didn’t realize how much I’d been missing the taste of a man until this moment.
I slid my hands behind his neck and drew his face nearer. My heart was clattering, and a tug of longing was pulling at the muscles between my legs.
A length of flesh was hardening against my abdomen. Through Sullivan’s swim shorts and my clothing, his erection was growing.
Fuck, it felt amazing.
I wanted him. I really did. I wanted to experience all of the filthy, fun things we’d talked about, that he’d described in detail. I wanted our ages not to be an issue. I was free—free to love and have sex and take what I wanted.

Getting something unexpected can be a shock, but it can also be a wonderful treat, if you allow yourself to indulge, that is.

Kay is bubbling with excitement. She’s booked a sailing holiday of a lifetime in Greece with a man she’s fallen for hook, line and sinker. They met on the Internet. She’s from Oxford, he’s from Washington State. She’s a business lecturer, he runs his own successful business.

They’re perfect for each other, and she can’t wait to meet him and spend time in and out of his bed, allowing him to seduce her for real and not just with softly spoken words over the telephone.

But when she arrives in the idyllic port of Fiscardo, she’s in for a shock. There’s a reason Sullivan’s photographs were grainy, and it’s not because he’s sporting a potbelly or balding as she’d suspected. It’s because he’s over a decade younger than her and could rival any Greek god in the looks department. What’s more, his sex appeal and lust for her is off the scale.

Should Kay take what she can with her ‘toy boy’ and have some fun in the sun or hop on the first plane back to England? It’s a tricky decision for a woman who believed she couldn’t be surprised by life anymore. 

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