Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Mid Week Tease

Hello and welcome to Mid Week Tease. This week a few from Escape to the Country my 'anything goes' novella set in the beautiful English countryside.

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When the stress of city living takes its toll on Annie and Tim, a dirty weekend in the country visiting sexy friends proves to be just the antidote.

London life is hard going for Annie and Tim, and despite being in love, they’re just not hitting the spot in the bedroom.
So, in an attempt to put the steam back into their relationship, Tim whisks Annie to the Cotswolds to visit Matt and Jane his uber-cool, sexually liberal friends from University.

As the temperature heats to melting point in the chocolate box cottage so does the sex, and Annie, with the help of her hosts, discovers a variety of hidden carnal desires, not just in herself but also Tim.

Who would have thought he’d be into that? Who would have thought ‘that’ would have her buzzing from head to toe?

Reader Advisory: This book contains Ménage scenes and both M/M and F/F intimacy.

“Come for us, Annie,” Jane said breathlessly. “Come so I can watch you the way you watched me. We need to know what a real one looks like.”
Like falling off a cliff and giving myself up to the power of gravity, I let my whole body be overtaken by their expert handling. Every muscle in my pelvis contracted like coiled springs. Every nerve stored up energy, ready for the pounding explosion. My mouth opened in a silent cry and my gaze glued onto Jane’s. Her wide pupils flashed with delight.
The pressure was so intense. they drove so deep. We were like one being, and as I shuddered through the convulsions, they carried on increasing the tempo, squeezing every last drip of pleasure from me, blasting in and rubbing harder. It was as if they wouldn’t be happy until I was a boneless heap of orgasmic waste.
“Oh, God,” I squealed. “That’s it...please...” I buried my head on Jane’s shoulder. The sensations were too much to bear. It was more intense than I’d ever experienced. There was pain, there was pleasure—it was out of my control. “No more.”
“Hang on, baby,” Tim grunted behind me. “Hang on one more sec.” I felt his cock freeze deep inside then he too was convulsing. Grinding out his own powerful climax and taking his pleasure from my wrecked body.
Jane moved her hand to my nipples and began to tweak and pull, elongating the swollen points to sharp, painful arrows. I whimpered in delight and shivered for more of her torment.
Tim carried on moving, the slit on his dick rubbing at my g-spot. Before I knew it, another orgasm captured me. The sensations in my roughly handled tits flew straight to the walls of my vagina and catapulted me into another wave of spasms. “Don’t stop,” I cried out, arching back onto Tim, frantic he’d think I was finished and stop his thrusting. “Please, don’t stop, not yet.”
He took the hint and carried on fucking me. Jayne squeezed my erect nipples so hard I knew there’d be bruises the next day.
“There you go,” Jane said triumphantly into my hair. “That’s how you like it, isn’t it, Annie? A bit of pain mixed in with the pleasure. Its okay, we know that now. It’ll all be alright.”

You can grab your copy of Escape to the Country from the publisher, Totally Bound, Amazon, Amazon UK and all other good ebook retailers.