Saturday, 13 June 2015

A Good Ole Sexy Time ~ @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday #Saturday7 #MSSAuthors

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday. This week we're focusing on guys getting and down and dirty and tackling tasks at hand. Here's a few from Burning Rubber which features sexy biker Gid.

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When trouble rides into town, what girl can resist the ultimate bad boy?

Handling men isn’t an issue for me. I’m not a girly girl and my best friends are the machines I spend my days fixing, tweaking and servicing. So when the Wild Angels roll onto my forecourt and need my help, I’m happy to be of assistance.

But I’ve always been a magnet for trouble and when the leader of the pack, Gid, questions my ability, I can’t help the sassy backchat. Seems it doesn’t bother him too much and before I know it, I’m climbing onto his beast and hanging on for the ride.

Bad ass guys like him don’t come without baggage, though, and it seems he wants to get rid of mine. Who am I to complain when it means revenge is hot, his body is hotter and we leave a trail of  burning rubber as we head into the sunset? Biker girl, me? I guess it’s in the blood.

“So do you wanna ride on her?” he asked, slapping the seat.
I glanced at the clock. It was gone five. “Really?”
“Yeah, come on. I’ll take you home.”
“You don’t know where I live.” I huffed. “It might be miles away.”
“It ain’t miles away.” He lit a cigarette, the first I’d seen him smoke, then blew out a train of silver breath into the cool air.
“How do you know?” Ah, was he going to trip himself up and say that he had been in my garden the night before?
“’Cause you get here on a shitty old bike, darlin’. That’s how I know it ain’t far.” He sucked on his cigarette again, his cheeks hollowing as he looked at me.
“Well, it’s a bit early but fuck it. Bruce never pays me overtime, so I reckon I’m due.” I grinned. “Got a spare helmet?”

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  1. Wonderful snippet, Lily! Definitely going on my TBR pile. Thanks for sharing and being part of My Sexy Saturday.