Sunday, 4 December 2011

Sunday Snog - Hound Dogging Around

Welcome to Sunday Snog. This week's kiss is taken from Hound Dogging Around which is a short story in Cocktales - Sex on the Beach.

Sam is holidaying with her sister's family in Disneyland. She's spent a lot of time minding her nephews so when she finds herself in a secluded spot in the water park, with a particularly delicious guy who spends his days in a big, furry dog outfit entertaining kids, she can't resist having a bit of fun.


His handsome face hovered before me and I wondered what it would be like to kiss him. His mouth looked so soft and sensual and his skin glowed like honey. I swept my tongue over my bottom lip and breathed in his scent; man and heat tinged with smoke and spice; it surrounded me, held me like a cloak.

"Can I show you my idea of magic?" he murmured, stepping closer. 

I backed against the wall. It was cool and lumpy against my bare skin and I spread my palms out behind my buttocks.

"What do you mean?" I asked. My breath hitching at the sexy, suggestive undercurrents in his voice.

"Disney entertainment for hot aunts who've spent their holiday thinking of others." His moss green eyes flashed with an intoxicating mixture of recklessness and fun and I could't pull away from their magnetic connection. He reached up and slid his hand around my neck. Cupped the base of my skull and whispered onto my lips, "Have some fun … with me … now."

I swallowed tightly then gave a small nod.

The next thing I knew his lips were caressing my mouth, soft and gentle. The tip of his tongue poked past my teeth and our tongues tangled in hot, tobacco wetness.

A whimper escaped my throat, this was even better than I'd been imagining.

He pressed forward. His crisp chest hair and the cool hardness of his piercing connected just above my flattened breasts. The downy fur of his Bongo costume tickled my bare legs and I sensed a growing hardness above my hip; his dick was buried deep in his canine costume but I still got a good idea of its impressive length.

His lips left my mouth and trailed down my neck.

"Jeez, you taste good," he murmured. "Coconut and ice-cream and vanilla." He stooped lower sending butterflies tickling over my chest as his soul patch scraped my skin.

I slid my hands over his hard shoulders. What am I doing with this sexy stranger?

His searching fingers pulled aside my bikini top and his hot mouth suctioned onto my hard, needy nipple. I didn't care that I barely knew him. All I could think of was my breasts aching with a sudden rush of blood and the dragging sense of longing growing between my legs. It had been so long and my poor neglected body felt ready to fly under his unexpected attentions.

I buckled my knees as he used his hands to cup the underside of my breasts and feed my flesh into his mouth. He suckled then withdrew, flicking his tongue over my tight points, coaxing them harder still and treating each tit with equal reverence. I tangled my fingers in his hair and let out a sigh as he sank to his knees and curled big determined fingers over the elastic of my bikini bottoms.

"But what if …?" I said, glancing at the arched entrance to our den.

"Shh." He rolled the scrap of material down to my knees and nudged my thighs apart. "No one comes in here." His hot breath breezed onto the trimmed line of my black pubic hair. "Open up, I want to taste you … here."

Have a great day.

Lily x


  1. Thanks Victoria - I loved your naughty school marm snog too. Can't wait to read more of that one :-)

    Lily x