Thursday, 15 December 2011

WOW - first review!

Cold Nights, Hot Bodies was only released yesterday at Ellora's Cave and already a review has come through. Check it out...

What a great concept! Lily Harlem combines scenes from erotic books with Ashley’s real sex life. As a virgin, Ashley’s been reading erotica and getting ideas—and longings. When she finally loses her virginity, she’s happy to find the chosen man, Shane, is up for a lot of fun—including acting out scenes from her favourite books. They become the characters, and it’s spicy, hot, and interesting to see how the real thing makes Ashley feel over just reading about what she’s doing. A fabulous book where the heroine's feelings are very real. I identified with her a lot.

Plus, if a guy in the office or out on the street did look my way it was always a geek I wouldn’t even take off my raincoat for let alone my knickers.

This wasn’t my bag. (I loved the double meaning here. The things inside “weren’t her bag” either!)

…flicking my hair around as though I were on some cheesy advert…

He stepped closer, or rather lunged, and I hopped back. (LOL)

He’d ditched his jacket and tie and his white shirt shine neon in the disco lights.

He chuckled in a mad, Dr. Evil kind of way.

“I’ve got a ribbed one.”

Well-written and highly entertaining, Cold Nights, Hot Bodies is a fantastic read for an evening on the sofa—or in bed! Who knows, you might find yourself getting inspiration for your own sex life!

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