Wednesday, 14 December 2011


I am so excited that today sees the release of my Christmas novel Cold Nights, Hot Bodies at Ellora's Cave. This was a book I started writing this time last year when the snow was falling heavily and I was tucked up in my cottage with an imagination full of characters, a roaring fire and of course the gorgeous Mr. Harlem.

It took a while for me to coax the heroine, Ashley, out of her shell, but once I did there was no stopping her and I hope readers enjoy her and Shane's story and it warms their hearts the way it did mine as I wrote it.

And I just have to say that since I am such a sucker for a sexy body this is absolutely one of my most favourite covers ever, designed by the awesome Syneca. Thank you!!


All my life I’ve been the quiet bookworm, the office mouse. It hasn’t bothered me. Immersing myself in erotic novels has kept me wriggling on the edge of my seat at work and firmly entrenched in my own fantasy world at night.

Though one thing is bothering me—my damn virginity. If only I could find a sexy bedroom expert to introduce me to the delights of having a lover. Someone handsome and charming, who can rival the hunky alpha males in my books. I have a very vivid, very well-fed imagination—he’ll have to keep up.

Then, one bitterly cold night, thanks to a devious, conniving so-called-friend, the perfect opportunity to rid myself of this pesky virginal problem comes along. Before I know it, the heroes in my novels have come alive in the person of Shane Galloway, who’s pleasuring me with every trick in the book and wheedling into my heart in the hottest possible of ways.



Copyright © LILY HARLEM, 2011

All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

“I want you, Shane, I want you to take my virginity.”

“Ashley, are you sure?”

“More than sure.” Over his pants, I rubbed my palm up the length of his erection, marveling at its solidity and size. “Please don’t leave, not now, because that would be the worst thing to have ever happened in my life. That would be something I could never undo.” And it was certainly something that didn’t happen in my books.

Suddenly his lips hit down on mine, strong and assertive. “If it’s really what you want then I’m not going anywhere.” He breathed into my mouth. “Except to bed…with you, right now.”

“Yes, yes, it’s what I want.” My stomach flipped with excitement. I’d persuaded him to stay. I’d grabbed my opportunity―quite literally.

Letting go of his erection, I looped my hands around his neck, pressing the entire length of my body into his until his cock was squeezed tight between us. My heart thumped and my skin was alive with new, interesting, wild sensations.

“I told you, it’s been a while for me,” he said, pulling back to look at my face. “Your vampishlittle virgin thing may have me reaching the finish line early if you’re not careful.”

“I’m sure we can make more than one finish line.”

He chuckled and I sensed the last shred of tension and uncertainty leave him. “Yeah, you’re right.” He smoothed his hands to the back of my bra. “We have all night and we’re well and truly snowed in so what’s the rush?” He undid the clasp with a finely tuned movement and the lacy cups fell from my breasts.

“No rush,” I murmured even though impatience was bubbling like a cauldron deep within me.

His gaze drifted downward. “You have great tits,” he said. “Pert and pretty.” He stroked his thumbs over my nipples. They twisted into tight buds, as if straining for more of his attention. “Has anyone even done this to you before?” he asked.

“No,” I said on a shaky breath, watching his every move the way a hawk watches a mouse. “Never.”

“So I’m guessing no one has done this either.” He bent and kissed over the rise of my right breast, his soft lips inquisitive as he traced the mound.

“No,” I managed.

Shifting his shoulders, he pulled my erect nipple deep into his hot mouth.

I buried my hands in his thick mop of hair. “God, no,” I gasped. “Not that either.”

He switched to the other breast and used his hands to feed my hypersensitive flesh gently into his mouth. I closed my eyes and tipped my head to the ceiling, it felt divine, warm and wet, tingly and strong. His tongue was injecting white-hot lust into my veins.

“Ah, you’re sweet all over,” he said, straightening and pulling me close again. My damp breasts pressed against his scratchy chest. “I’m going to make this right for you, Ashley. I’m honored you’ve chosen me. You won’t regret it.”

“I know.” I touched my fingertips to his stubbled jawline. “I know, Shane. I trust you.”

With one quick movement he scooped me into his arms. I clasped my hands around his neck as his strength surrounded me. He began to walk toward the bedroom.

“We’re not doing it on the sofa?” I asked.

“No, we’ll do the sofa later, your first time should definitely be in bed,” he said, stepping through the doorway. His eyes widened. “And wow, what a bed.”

I glanced at the four-poster. Huge and luxurious, it did look the perfect place to lose my virginity.

Shane carried me over and set me down so I was sitting on the edge with my feet on the floor. I watched in silence as he moved the darkly wrapped chocolate from the pillow and placed it on the bedside table.

Straightening, he looked down at me, his gaze so hot it was like a lick of flame across my bare flesh. He frowned and took a leather wallet from his back pocket, flipping it open and pulling out a green-foil-wrapped condom. “I’ve only got one,” he said, “but when we need more there’s a machine in the gents’ downstairs.”

I nodded, pleased he was thinking about contraception and safety. I couldn’t, anticipation of what was going to happen in the next few minutes had taken over my brain. I was buzzing all over. It was as if I was in my own novel, I was the heroine and he the hero. And my goodness, what a perfectly exquisite hero I’d been blessed with.

Shane toed off his shoes and peeled off his socks. Reached for the button on his pants and yanked the zip free. He pushed them down, stepping out and kicking the knot of black material to one side.

I sat motionless, just staring at the big bulge tenting his navy cotton boxers.

“You okay?” he asked, stilling in front of me.

Clearing my throat, I looked up his long, lean body shrouded in shadows from the one low lamp in the room. His abdominal muscles were faintly defined, his pectoral muscles square and his nipples small, dark discs. “Yes, I’m fine.”

He stepped closer. His groin came level to my face and the heady scent of his skin radiated toward me.

Desperate to touch him, I traced the line of fine silky hair that led from his navel to the waistband of his boxers.

He tensed.

I glanced up at his face. “Can I?” I asked.

The corner of one side of his mouth twitched. “Be my guest.”

Lily x


  1. Syneca is a cover godess. Love yours. Congrats on the new release. Looking forward to reading it.

    Amber Skyze