Sunday, 18 December 2011

Sunday Snog - Cold Nights, Hot Bodies

Hot off the press at Ellora's Cave this week is Cold Nights, Hot Bodies. So naturally today's Sunday Snog comes from Ashley and Shane's story...enjoy!


“Come here,” he said, holding out a hand. “It’s warm in front of the fire.”

I forced my shoulders to relax. I didn’t want him to see how nervous I was about being alone in a hotel room with a hot guy.

Stepping toward him, suddenly my shoes didn’t feel so comfortable anymore. I paused, wriggled my feet out, first the left then the right, and abandoned them on the deep pile.

“Hey, you’re really little,” he said with a chuckle.

“You’re just tall,” I said, drawing up in front of him. The fire was warm, but heat from his body was more potent and more alive than any flame.

He reached out and cupped my cheeks in his palms. “They say opposites attract,” he murmured. “And my god I’m so attracted to you, you wouldn’t believe.”

Utterly mesmerized, I watched as he poked out his tongue and smoothed it over his bottom lip. His nostrils flared as though he was dragging in a deep breath then his lips parted.

I stood, arms hanging at my sides, knees buckled, as he lowered his head and pressed his mouth to mine.

It was a gentle kiss, not wet and not dry, the perfect combination of smoothness and maleness. I parted my mouth and held my breath as he delicately traced my bottom lip with his tongue, then I captured his taste—wine and water, man and musk. Pulling in air, I was treated to his gorgeous light scent again, which was now infused with a definite dose of testosterone.

“You’re so sweet,” he murmured, pulling back a fraction. “Like a little sugary doll.”

Pushing to my toes, I pressed my lips to his, wanting more of his taste and his desire.

This time the kiss quickly turned hotter and harder. Still he kept my face cradled in his hands, holding me just where he wanted me as he probed his tongue deeper, searching for mine with the hot, insistent tip.

I lifted my tongue from the base of my mouth and tentatively touched it to his. He gave a small groan of approval and slanted his head. Our tongues tangled and I reached up and curled my hands into the material of his shirt. Hung on as our breaths quickened and our mouths fed off each other. I became lost in his kiss, he was all I could think of. His taste, his smell, the way he was holding me was my entire universe. Bubbles of pleasure erupted deep within me. A crazy new need flowed like lava through my veins, settled in my breasts, seeped between my legs and spread over my skin.

He pulled back and dropped his hands from my face.

I opened my eyes.

His mouth was shiny from our kiss and his eyelids heavy. “Lose this,” he whispered, sliding his fingers beneath the thin shoulder straps of my dress.

I prayed my heart wouldn’t give out, it was beating so hard and fast. He wanted me to take off my dress. Of course he wanted me to take off my dress. We were going to have sex for heaven’s sake. The dress had to come off.

I hope you enjoyed that first kiss, believe me, things just get hotter and hotter.........

Lily x