Saturday, 27 April 2019

SATURDAY SPANKINGS #SatSpanks #erotic #gay #romance #kindleunlimited

Welcome to Saturday Spankings, this week a few from CAUGHT ON CAMERA a complete boxed set featuring two hot guys making a porn movie! (Read on Kindle Unlimited)

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Lights. Camera. Action. The life of an international porn star might be glamorous, satisfying and well paid but it's also hard work - in every sense of the word!

So it's just as well Reece Carter is up for the job and has the sexiest co-star imaginable, Cade Davenport. They're the hot new stars of GP Productions latest blockbuster set in Las Vegas, and they can't wait to get started.

With scripts to learn, wardrobe to contend with and a whole host of new experiences to look forward to, Reece takes the bull by the horns and jumps on for the ride. What he doesn't bargain on, though, is finding love alongside his fat pay cheque.

But is the feeling mutual? And what happens when a cowboy, a box of intriguing props and a trip to a club gets thrown into the scene?

Can Reece handle the heat? Is he really capable of performing before an audience? And will Cade be there when he needs him most?

Reece leaned forward. “I’ve never—you know—been flogged before.”
Cade nodded. “Yes, I guessed as much.”
“So I’m not sure how I’ll cope.” He huffed. “Not that I’m a wimp with pain or anything. I broke my wrist last year. Didn’t even get it checked out for two days, just carried on working.” He held up his left hand. “It was this one, so I could still hold a paintbrush in my right.” 
“But you’re missing the point. It’s not about pain that hurts. It’s about pain that gives you pleasure. Releases endorphins and makes you high, so high that when you do finally orgasm, it blows your mind.” Cade smiled. “It’s addictive. I promise you. Once you’ve done it once, submitted, come with your arse red and whipped, you’ll want it again.” 
Reece let a slow smile spread on his face. The idea of coming with his arse red and Cade sucking his cock was a very pleasant one. But then so was the idea of flogging Cade’s arse and seeing him groan in pain and spurt his pleasure. 
“So you’ve done it?” Reece asked, guessing the answer. “Come like that.”
“Yeah, a few times.”
“But tonight you’ll be holding the flogger and not on the receiving end?”
“Because that’s in the script.” Cade smiled.
“But what if I’d like to have you bound up and make your cute arse red and sore then suck you off?” 
Cade shifted on the seat. “I’d say that would make me very happy, Reece. And do you know why?” 
“Because I’m a switch. I can dish it out or take it. The question is, are you a switch too? Because if so, we really are more fucking compatible than I could ever have dared hope.” 
Reece smiled. “I think we’ll know by the end of the day, don’t you?”


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  1. Interesting thought. Two switches perfectly willing to play whichever role the other desires and needs. However, I would never want to do that sort of thing on camera. Heck, I don't even like having my picture taken. Great snippet, Lily!