Friday, 26 April 2019

DARK WARRIOR - Author Interview #MM #interracial #erotic #romance #KU

What can you tell us about your book, Dark Warrior? 

Dark Warrior is set in Kenya and is about real, modern men but also about a small tribal community and how the old blends with the new. It’s about a mixed-race relationship, learning to adjust to new attitudes but at the same time keeping passion alive not just in the bedroom but in life, in a career, in hopes for the future. It’s a story of finding a way when it feels impossible and doing no harm in the process. 

Both your characters work in the medical profession. Did you have to do much research into Leo’s background as a Doctor of tropical disease and Malik’s as a nurse

Not really because I have a medical background—I worked in London as a trauma nurse before I stared penning Erotic Romance stories. So a lot of the medical jargon comes very naturally to me, as does picturing a ward and the patients, understanding what equipment is needed and what expectations staff and poorly individuals have. I don’t have much experience with the tropical disease specialty so that did require some research but not too much. I mainly went online but I did surreptitiously quiz a mate who is a doctor and has some experience in this area, he thought I was planning a trip to Kenya and being a bit of a hypochondriac! 

The scene with the hornet stings is filled with sexual tension. Did you enjoy stretching out the anticipation between the two characters? 

Oh, that was one of the best bits about writing Dark Warrior. Neither man knows if the other is attracted to him or even gay! The appreciative looks, lingering moments when they have to touch and the undercurrents in their words builds up the tension. So much so that there was almost smoke coming from my keyboard in my excitement to let it all bubble over when they finally came together! Creating tension between characters this way is one of my favorite things to do when writing, everything counts, and everything hinges on such delicate, breathy moments. The hornet sting scene is both skin-tingling and packed with lusty thoughts. It was so much fun to add into the novel. 

There are many in-depth descriptions of Kenya in this story. Was there a lot of research involved in setting your story abroad? 

I haven’t been to Kenya but I have been to Africa—I even rode into the Sahara Desert on a camel to watch the sunset!—so I had a visual in my imagination about the setting. 


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