Saturday, 13 April 2019

I told you a spanking was in your future! #SatSpanks #BDSM #Ds #Vikings

Welcome to Saturday Spankings, this week a few from my hotly anticpated Viking reverse harem spanking novel - SHARED BY THE VIKINGS. It's already claimed a #1 spot on Amazon, so whet your appetite here then run off and grab a copy!

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Disguising herself as a boy in order to board a longboat headed north seemed to Princess Ingrid like a good way to escape being married off against her will, until her deception was discovered. Now three battle-hardened Vikings are set on teaching her a stern lesson, and stripping the princess bare for a painful, humiliating spanking is just the beginning of their plans for her.

Though the punishment infuriates Ingrid, her body’s response to the shameful chastisement is undeniable, and when she is claimed for the first time she cannot help crying out with pleasure. But the princess will not belong to just one of these fearsome warriors. They plan to share her, and she will soon learn what it means to be both thoroughly used and well and truly mastered.

He didn’t reply, instead he yanked the fur so hard she staggered as she attempted to keep hold of it.
On his next pull it slipped from her hands and landed on the ground.
She stood before him utterly naked and acutely aware of Tali and Gunnvar staring at her.
“What are you doing?”
“I told you I’d punish you, Ingrid. That time is now.”
She frowned at him. “No, you can’t do that. I said I was sorry.”
“You also said your father was a good man, and I’m sure he would approve of his wayward daughter being taken in hand by a Jarl.” “Taken in hand?”
As she’d spoken he wrapped his fingers around her wrist and pulled her closer.
She was aware of the heat of the flames licking over her skin, and also the heat of Erik’s legs as her knees knocked against his thigh.
“Over you go, woman,” he said.
“What? No!”
“You deserve a sound spanking, and well you know it.”
“Not from you.”
“Ja, from me.” He pulled her again, forcing her to stoop.
“Don’t you know who I am?”
“Ingrid Baardsen. A woman who has brought us the most inconvenient bad fortune of being stranded without a longboat and several good warriors down.”
“I am the daughter of King Baardsen of Ravndal, have you not heard of him?”
“No.” Erik paused and narrowed his eyes. “Gunnvar, Tali, what do you say?”
“Never heard of him,” Gunnvar said gruffly.
“No, not me,” Tali added.
“And I’d say a good red ass might remind this new woman of ours not to lie again.” Gunnvar’s voice was every bit as low and rough as Erik’s had been.


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  1. This is one case where being a princess probably won't save her ass. I have a feeling her position has gotten her out of trouble many times before. Not this time, though. Love the snippet, Lily.