Thursday, 30 November 2017


Olivia fears her life is about to be torn apart. Being separated from her men isn't something she can contemplate. How can she possibly go back to her old life in Portsmouth after all that's happened?

So when Raul's ambitious idea begins to take shape, she soon finds herself in another continent and with another challenge ahead. A challenge that will test all of her skills and demand nerves of steel.

Because Africa is hot and wild. A new adventure awaits around every corner. She has to keep her eye on the ball, and her finger on the pulse. Not just because there’s danger all around, but because of the tension between the guys she's in love with...oh, and the other one.

Will Paul ever truly fit in? What the heck is going on between the two Alphas in her harem? And can she hold them all together when the temperature reaches boiling point? Only time will tell.

RUNAWAYS is a reverse harem romance novel intended for mature readers. Check out the other two books in THE CHALLENGE series, CASTAWAYS and TEARAWAYS, all best read in order. Coming Feb 2018 and available to pre-order now STOWAWAYS.

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