Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Mid Week Tease #FREE ebook BITE MARK #MWTease

Welcome to Mid Week Tease. This week a FREE copy of BITE MARK for everyone!

“Shit. Sorry,” I said, looking at his perfect clothing that I’d just mashed my blood-stained smock against. “I didn’t see you. I was—” 
“It’s perfectly okay, madam, no harm done.” 
Oh, he spoke nice. Not like me with my Cockney tongue. His vowels were as round as the moon and his words finished with the precision of a sculpting knife. 
“But your suit, it’s so…so smart.” 
He narrowed his dark eyes until they pinched at the corners. He didn’t smile. “Very nice of you to say so.” 
Something about his chiseled, smooth jawline and the slightly-too-long, sleek style of his hair was familiar. As was the suit, it was a beautiful cut, but not today’s fashion. The collar was large and pointed at the tips, the buttons a dull metal and instead of a tie he wore a cream cravat. I’d seen him before. I was sure of it. 
“Er, do I know you?” I asked.
“I very much doubt it.”
“But I—” 
“My dear, if we had met I would certainly remember.” His gaze dropped down my body, slowly and indulgently, almost as though he could see through my messy work clothes to the lace underwear I always wore—my one nod to being female in this testosterone-soaked place. 
My stomach clenched and I was aware that my breaths had become shallow. I gulped in air but it did nothing to improve my oxygenation because his lingering look was like an actual caress. The shouts and bangs of the market faded and all I could hear was my pulse. Instead of being wrapped in permanent cold, my skin heated, like a sudden, swift fever. 

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