Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Going Back in Time

Mr H and I decided to take a trip to Stonehenge at the weekend, it's only a few hours from us and having never visited we felt it was time - after all, some people travel for many hours to see the ancient stones.

The weather was grey and threatening rain when we arrived and the queue to get into the visitor centre and catch the bus to the monument was endless - not least because we hadn't bothered to pre-book. It's also quite a few ££££ to get a ticket.

But not put off we decided to walk to the stones rather than pay for the bus ride. This meant we would be a few feet further back from other people looking at the stones but only by ten meters or so and no one is allowed to touch them anyway so we figured it would be okay.

And it was more than okay, I'm SO glad we walked, it meant we got to see the cursus along the way.

Cursus are mounds set in the fields, it's thought they were to track processions to Stonehenge or maybe even the sun. And talking of the sun, the rain clouds shifted and blue sky arrived - quite a relief as we didn't have jackets!

It takes about thirty minutes over fields to get to the monument and it's a very scenic and peaceful route.

When Stonehenge comes into view on the horizon it really is majestic and having walked the route its creators used - rather than getting the bus - I was all the more in awe of it. By timing it right  I took these shots without any other tourists in frame.

After a few minutes admiring we retraced our steps back to the main visitor centre. Here there are Neolithic dwellings re-created and a museum.

We hung around for a while, enjoyed coffee and cake, then hit the road back to Wales again, which also happens to be where the stones came from several thousand years ago!

Want to know more about Stonehenge? Details here. Thank you for reading.

Lily x


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