Sunday, 24 January 2016

Sunday Snog

Welcome to Sunday Snog, this week a smooch from my new MMF novella, Heat of the Day.

“As long as you’re really okay and you’re here.” Piper smiled. It felt so good to smile—a real smile. One that stretched her mouth and balled her cheeks. She kissed Sera again and jiggled within his embrace.
He half laughed and half groaned as she pushed against him. He slid his hands to her butt and squeezed her through her tiny shorts.
“I’ve missed you,” he said breathily against her lips.
“And we’ve missed you.” She curled her hand around Flynn, drawing him into their embrace again. “So what have you boys been up to all day?” She licked her lips and allowed a luscious image of them fucking in the caravan to overtake her.
“We’ve” Sera said, glancing at Flynn.
“Yeah,” Flynn said, giving a small nod. “We have.”
“Fucking fun?” Piper asked, looking between the two of them.
“No, we thought we’d save that for you,” Flynn said.
“A proper hello. All three of us.”
“Mmm, I like your style, very thoughtful.” Piper ground herself against Sera, wondering if his cock was erect.
He lowered her a little so she could feel through his shorts he was hard—really hard. Damn, and it was still a long way home.
She studied the cliff behind Flynn’s shoulder. She knew this stretch of beach like the back of her hand, having walked it every day for months. Even in the dark it held no secrets for Piper.
They were between Cabo and Pino, a deserted stretch because of the cliff that crumbled from time to time. An idea formed in her mind. Once, before they’d met Sera, she and Flynn had stopped off here. A small craggy outcrop of boulders provided a shelter of sorts, no real roof to speak of but privacy from three sides and part of a fourth. To say they’d had fun was an understatement. They’d enjoyed screaming orgasms, their cries of delight wending up into the night sky and mixing with the stars.
“There,” she said, nodding.
“What?” Sera asked.
Flynn glanced over his shoulder, the tendons in his neck stretching.
Piper knew he’d click pretty quickly.
He turned back to her. A slow smirk spread on his face. “Oh, yes, that could work.”
“More than work.” Piper unfurled her legs from Sera and slipped to the sand but she didn’t let go of him. She kept her arm wrapped around his waist and the other she hooked into the crook of Flynn’s elbow. “Lead the way, Flynn,” she said, resting her head on his shoulder. “You know where to go.”
“Oh yes.” Flynn pressed a quick kiss to her head. “Clever girl.”
“What is it?” Sera asked.
“We know somewhere.” She did a little skip, happiness swelling her heart and adding a bounce to her step.
“Private,” Flynn added.
“Secluded,” she said.
“For maldito?” Sera asked.
“Yes, maldito,” Piper said, knowing the Portuguese word for fucking. “Now. No waiting.”

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