Thursday, 14 January 2016

Heat of the Day - First Review

Heat of the Day is out on the 19th of January on general release (though you can grab a copy now from the publisher) and has just had it's first review, I'm thrilled the reviewer at TRR enjoyed this hot little menage a trois story enough to put it on her re-read pile!

HEAT OF THE DAY is a quick read that is as erotic as it is exotic. Flynn and Piper are HS sweethearts who find their perfect match in Sera. Despite his going off the grid for more than a month, they never stop loving him or hoping for his return. The sex between two of them (in any combination) is hot enough, but when all three of them are together it's absolutely fabulous. The tension is thick between Flynn and Piper before Sera returns, and the sheer joy when he does is heady. And the ending is left open for more adventures in Thailand!

Bottom Line: Sexy little MMF quickie that has made it to my read again pile!

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