Saturday, 30 January 2016

A Sexy Vampire ~ @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday #MySexyAuthors #Saturday7 #MSS126

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday - I'm not fitting into the theme very well this week, but I just couldn't resist sharing a snippet from Accelerated Passion - out on Monday but available for pre-order NOW.

When speed and seduction combine, sparks are sure to fly.

Some girls enjoy makeup, low-cut dresses, and bedding famous men. Not me. I’m happiest in my oily overalls, with my hands in an engine, chatting with the guys on my team about aerodynamics and wing position.

So when infamous Formula One champion, Dean Cudditch, comes into my life, I’m content to leave him to his lothario ways. Dean seems on top of the world when draped with adoring female fans, and I refuse to be another of the champ’s conquests.

However, as I get to know the real Dean Cudditch, I begin to see a softer side to him that makes him all the sexier. My resolve crumbles when he admits that it’s my mechanical mind and engineering know-how that turn him on. Before I know it, I’m racing down the fast lane of seduction, passion, and lust. One thing is for sure: when Dean is behind the wheel, it’s going to be one hot ride.

“Am I forgiven?” he added.

She swallowed. “I suppose so.”

He was quiet for a moment, then, “Good.” He stepped away.

She missed the sensation of him standing so close behind her and gripped the balcony rail to steady herself.

“Get your clothes off,” he said suddenly.

“What?” She glanced over her shoulder, shocked by his words.

He laughed. “There’s a pool outdoors. Everyone’s going in. Get your travel clothes off, put on your bikini.”

“I don’t have a bikini,” As if she would—around her all-male team.

“Shame. Get into your swimsuit then, and come and join us.” He gripped the base of his top and tugged it upward. As it lifted, he revealed a dark trail of hair from his waistband to his navel that spread up over his perfect chest, petering out when it reached his small hard nipples. His shoulders were tanned, muscular, and on his right biceps, a vibrant tattoo shaped like flames fanned over his skin.

She snapped her mouth shut. Fuck. What was the guy playing at?

“So,” he said, balling the T-shirt into his fist. “I guess I’ll see you down there. It’ll do us all good to cool off.”

Enjoy the other My Sexy Saturday posts! Don't forget to pre-order Accelerated Passion now and enjoy a fast ride with Dean and Frankie!

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  1. Sexy tease. Thanks for sharing. Congrats on the imminent release!