Saturday, 16 January 2016

One Sexy Girl ~ @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday #MySexyAuthors #Saturday7 #MSS124

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday! This week the theme is 'one sexy girl' so here's a few from The Silk Tie where Hayley  is definitely a very sexy and very lucky girl!

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I was breathing fast, my heart thudding and my pussy was so damn wet. I dragged my arm out from under Brent.
Gabe rushed down the bed to me. He grabbed my cheeks and drew me in for a kiss.
“Mmm...” I said, gripping his shoulders.
“I need to fuck you,” he said onto my mouth, “now, that okay?”
“Yes...” I panted. “I need fucking so badly.”
I looked downward and gently withdrew the dildo from Brent’s ass. Brent moaned and squirmed but stayed flat on his belly with his hands beneath his face.
“Get this off,” Gabe said, dragging at the harness.
I tipped onto my bum and let him pull the toy and my knickers off. Next thing I knew I was being tossed up the bed. My head landed on the pillow next to Brent’s and Gabe towered over me. His expression reminded me of the one he’d had when he and Brent had toppled into the guest room at Hardon Manor—desperate and urgent to screw.
“I won’t last long,” he said, prodding at my entrance with the tip of his cock.
“Me neither...I...oh...”
He tunneled to full depth, stretching me wide and filling me up so completely .
I shut my eyes and arched my neck. “Gabe...” I gasped.
“Fuck me.” I looped my legs around the backs of his thighs and clasped his buttocks. My breasts, through my bra, jostled against his chest as he thrust in and out of me.
I could hardly catch my breath he was going for it so wildly. My clit was being bashed over and over, the pressure mounting.
I twisted my head and opened my eyes.
Brent was staring at me, his lips parted and his nostrils flaring as he continued to catch his breath from us pounding into him.
I reached out, gripped his hand and squeezed. I wanted him to be part of my orgasm, feel me shake the way I’d just felt him spasm in ecstasy.
Gabe buried his head in my neck, his cock swelled to full hardness and I knew he was on his last few seconds.
I allowed my orgasm to consume me. It started in my clit, spread to my pussy and my belly then raced to every nerve in my body.
The noises erupting from my mouth were incoherent and gasping and all the time I stared at Brent, unblinking and letting him see into my soul, letting him see how much I loved Gabe but also how much I wanted him to be part of this.
“Ah, yeah, I’m fucking coming in you, Hales,” Gabe gasped as semen flooded my insides. He shoved harder and released more. He moaned then slumped, only just taking his weight on his elbows.
I clutched my husband’s buttock and kissed his cheek. I then turned to Brent, released his hand and brushed a damp lock of hair that was clinging to his brow.
One side of his mouth tipped into a smile and his eyes shone.
He’d enjoyed the show. He’d enjoyed being screwed by us. He’d enjoyed being part of us as much as we’d enjoyed letting him into our bedroom.

Available from Amazon/Amazon UK

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