Saturday, 25 July 2015

Saturday Spankings

Welcome to another Saturday Spankings! Here's a few from That Filthy Book.

Back Cover Information

Many years ago that filthy book imprinted itself in my erotic subconscious. Now it's reared its head and is about to drag me along for the dirtiest ride of my life.

Out of sight, out of mind. Or so I thought, but it turns out an old, dog-eared book with contents so filthy and so depraved that I'd been forced to hide it after reading, has sank deeper into my erotic subconscious than I'd ever imagined. Luckily though, Jacob is up for exploring the new side of me that has risen to the surface after all these years.

In a whirlwind of wanton adventures that push us to the limits of our sexuality, we begin to re-discover what it once was that had us screaming with pleasure and how to accept that nothing will ever be the same again between us.

Reader Advisory: This book contains bondage, BDSM and an element of dubious consent within a consensually acted out rape scenario.

I stood upright, fingers tightening on the trees, my breath coming hard and fast. Exhilaration steamed through me, as though a part of my brain had registered that unlocking what I’d obviously held inside had produced a kind of liberty. And it had, hadn’t it? As another gust of wind wended through the trees and ruffled my hair, flapping the open front of my coat so that they billowed at my sides, I had the urge to laugh. To let out all the old parts of me, the sound carried away by that wind, never to return. My smile hurt my face, but damn it felt good.
I dropped my arms to my sides and twirled in a circle, feeling young again, with a new purpose, new ways in mind to bring me and Jacob closer. Just us. Time together.
I wanted to strip naked, right here, right now, and dance around the garden, testing the cold on my skin, seeing if it fit.
I didn’t.
Instead, I went back into the trees, my gaze on the ground in search of a sturdy yet flexible branch. One that wouldn’t break when Jacob struck me with it, or hurt because it was too rigid. My few minutes’ search proved fruitless—the branches were mere twigs—so I resorted to looking upwards and finding one I could snap off a tree. The perfect candidate jutted off a long, thicker branch, low enough for me to reach up and wrench free. It broke away, the jagged end sap-coated and smelling sickly. I ran my palm up and down its length then swiped it through the air in an arc to see whether the other, tapered end was pliant.
That word zipped a torrent of lust to my cunt, and I wished Jacob was home so he could bring me off, give me release. I brought my legs together, squeezed them tight to make the pulse in my clit go away. My stomach rolled with excitement as thoughts of what we could do out here swished through my mind. I imagined myself bound to those trees, a full moon hanging in an almost black sky, casting strong light that filtered through the leaves above and dappled the ground. From behind, Jacob’s breath warmed my naked skin—my neck, one shoulder—his body heat so intense I knew he was almost touching me. I saw it as though I had already entertained this before, but I hadn’t. It was all new to me, the wanting of this scenario, the tree branch, being tied to the trunks.

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  1. The lady clearly knows what she wants, and isn't afraid to seek it out. That says a lot.

  2. Hot damn, that was a great excerpt. Hopefully when he gets home, the reality will be even better. ☺

  3. I love your book cover and the snippet was even hotter!

  4. Loved this book, full of dark fantasies