Saturday, 31 May 2014

Saturday Spankings #SatSpanks

“When you forget to do as you’re told, if you have a dirty mouth outside of this room or think you can make my lavDa hard for you in public, then this is what will happen.”
He circled my waist and, quick as a flash, tipped me upside down over his knees.
I gasped as the bedroom upended in my vision and I flailed my hands to the floor, searching for balance.
“Look up,” he ordered, securing my legs behind my knees with one of his powerful thighs. “I want you to see what you look like when you are being disciplined. It will make you remember to keep your behaviour in check.”
Scrabbling for purchase on his other leg, I stared into the mirror. My silken hair hung messily around my already rosy cheeks. My eyes were wide, wide with excitement and desire, humiliation and anticipation, and the naked flesh of my back and bum was pale against his dark trousers.

The Unwholesome Adventures of Harita is available from Totally Bound, Amazon, Amazon UK and all other ebook retailers.

Back Cover Information…

Writing Harita's sexy fictional adventures is my closely guarded secret, but when her antics become a reality in my bedroom, can I handle my new husband and his fondness for dominant, copy-cat role play?

No one knows it is I, Kamini Singh who writes The Unwholesome Adventures of Harita.

The weekly column in Ichchha Magazine has been my secret for many years and penning Harita's wild sexual experiences has been a wonderful release for my frustrated emotions as I've waited for my parents to find me a suitable husband.

Now they have — the delectable Damon, and I can barely contain my excitement as our wedding, and wedding night, approaches. Handing myself over to him body and soul is going to be such a treat.

So imagine my delighted surprise when my new husband asks for even more than I ever dared hope? And imagine my shock when I realised that Damon had secrets of his own which could please me, satisfy me, and take me on ecstatic journeys which got more and more daring with each adventure Harita enjoyed.

Reader Advisory: This book contains ménage and dominance/submission.


  1. I totally new setting for this book. Sounds wonderful.

  2. Very intriguing and different. Loved it!

  3. Very intense and right to the point. Nice!

  4. Love the excerpt! Books sounds wonderful

  5. OOh I loved this concept, especially her watching herself in the mirror. Great snippet Lily :)

  6. Oooooh I do love a Saturday spanking from Lily Harlem! x x Lovely scene