Thursday, 8 May 2014

After Dark Review of Shared

Shared was my first menage a trois novel and published back in 2010 but it's still an absolute thrill to get an enthusiastic review! The SubClub Books have done just that, and it seems Ariane, Liam and Quinn's story hit the spot!


I have had Shared by Lily Harlem on my TBR list for months. I read about it in an article showcasing some of the hottest ménage scenes written. I am still not sure which scene they were talking about, as they were all a bit scorching to me!

 I devoured this book in one sitting and was just floored by her level of writing such an intimate and beautiful love story.

Shared focuses on Ariane and her two roommates Quinn and Liam. The way they are brought together was a fun little ride and the blossoming of their relationship was just a delight. I loved how she fell for both men in such different ways. Her newness to the world of ménage was a breath of fresh air and having Quinn and Liam walk her through the steps was not only hot, it was extremely real to me. Ms. Harlem does not skip any of the vivid steps of how a threesome comes together in the bedroom, or even on a couch. In fact, when Ariane was losing her “anal virginity” it was one of the few times I have read that act where I felt like the author got the emotions and feelings of such an intimate moment perfectly.

If you are into reading ménage, this book will not disappoint you in any way….if you are new to the world of ménage this book will draw you in and make you a fan very quickly. Shared was a beautiful story of three people falling in love with each other and making a very successful go of an unconventional relationship, yet as normal to them as any other we see out there today!


There's also a sequel!

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